As I mentioned when we looked at the Spider-Island arc, we weren’t quite done with the 2017 series as Gwen would eventually get her powers back in the second season and not only does she get her powers back in this episode, this is the episode where dons the moniker Ghost-Spider. Thankfully, unlike yesterday where I looked at five episodes in a whole arc, this is is just one episode and that’s a bit easier to look at.


The Plot


Sadly,  the Disney Wiki isn’t much help with the plot in this regard while Marvel’s Spider-Man Wiki is a little better.  Horizon High has been donated a blood gem by the Space Administration and that is what reawakens Gwen’s dormant powers.  As you can tell by the title of the episode,  Peter is nowhere to be found in this episode so Miles and Ayana have been taking his place in taking down villains that are attacking New York.  In the case of this episode,  that’d be The Tinkerer and The Scorpion.


Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot to this episode other than showing how the other Spiders can take on villains without Spider-Man’s help.  On the surface that may not seem big but I believe this episode is important to highlight that while Spidey is great, the other heroes are just as great.  Reminds me of what Miles says in Into the Spider-Verse.


Anyone can wear the mask


While this episode doesn’t have that strong a message when compared to the aforementioned movie but it is still important to show as it reminds me of a conservation people have had about who their favorite Spider-Person is.  You know my answer but I do believe that everyone is valid and that is what makes watching them work as a team so exciting even when Scorpion is powered up by the same bloodstone that reawakens Gwen’s powers.  It’s fun watching them together as that is a heavy theme in this episode considering it also features a villain team-up.  Even better when Gwen dons her new name at the end of the episode.


Overall, this is a really good episode and shows that you can tell a good story featuring Spider-Powered heroes without ever featuring Peter Parker.





Main Character


Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider voiced by Laura Bailey



This is a good outing for Gwen and once again it was just nice seeing her getting to enjoy being a superhero.  And as I said, I loved seeing her work with the other heroes and show how strong they are.



Anya/Spider-Girl & Miles/Spider-Man voiced by Melanie Minichino & Nadji Jeter



You do get the sense that these two have been in the game a lot longer and that even comes through with Ayna being annoyed and thinking Gwen is being a bit reckless.  That’s fair to think considering what happened the last time Gwen got spider-powers but still you have to know that there is a part of her that just loves being a hero. As for Miles,  he’s the most experienced of the three and it shows as he’s able to help and lead in taking down the villains.





The Tinkerer & The Scorpion voiced by Aaron Abrams & Jason Spisak


In many ways, with these two it felt like the episode just needed villains that could be used to show that the heroes could take down baddies without the aid of Peter. In that sense,  it does its job as they are fun if nothing special.  The Tinkerer is in many ways like a twisted Gepetto and that is interesting but his voice isn’t that intimidating and that’s where Scorpion comes in as this is a brain and brawn relationship and you know is which.



My Final Thoughts


Overall, this is an enjoyable episode and a nice one to see Gwen get the name that she goes by now and also awesome seeing her team up with the other two heroes.  Tomorrow will bring something a little different as we look at how  Spider-Man and Ghost-Spider do in a LEGO outing


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2 thoughts on “A Look at Disney’s Power of The Ghost-Spider: The Day Without Spider-Man (Spider-Man (2017))

  1. I really wish I could get into this show, but the writing just feels lifeless, the animation flat, and it’s hard to get invested in the characters. (Also, out of curiosity I looked up Tinkerer’s design in the series, and yeah… it didn’t look too good) Still, I’m glad some people are able to enjoy it. Though I do think it’s cool that there are two female Spider-heroes and Miles works alongside the crew in this incarnation. And as you said, even with its flaws it can still deliver a worthwhile message.

    1. Yeah, the animation isn’t the greatest and not the best Spidey cartoon but I do appreciate how they handled Gwen. Though next week, I’ll finally get to cover what I think is the best version of Gwen that isn’t Spider-Verse. Also, the message is good and serves as a nice reminder that anyone can be a hero.

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