“Rachel, Ariel and Blaire are here to see you”  Cassie had let her little sister know but Rachel was in no mood to see her best friends.


“Tell them to go home, I don’t want anyone to see me. My life is ruined because of what that dummy posted online” Rachel cried in between sobs hugging her stuffed cat, Diana. Rachel felt as though Diana was the only one she could find solace with in this moment. She had just wanted to be left alone and couldn’t understand why her sister wouldn’t leave her alone.


Yes, she called Cassie to come and pick her up after the incident at school. Cassie did try to ask her sister about it when she got in Cassie’s car but Cassie could tell that her baby sister was too shaken to want to speak about it.


“Rachel, we’ve all been caught doing embarrassing things. It’s not a big deal” Blaire said trying to reassure her friend who was still crying. In trying to cheer her friend up, Blaire just made things worse. Rachel looked around her room for something to throw at her friend for saying something so stupid. Ariel noticed this and spoke up.


“Blaire, please think before you speak next time” Ariel said shaking her head. Ariel had an idea of how she could cheer up her friend. And on cue, she started singing.


“And if you threw a party/Invited everyone you knew/Well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me/And the card attached would say”


“Thank you for being a friend” Rachel completed the song through tears. Ariel learned a long time ago when the girls were about six years old, that song always calmed Rachel down. Rachel was still crying and hugging the life out of Diana but she was ready to let her best friends in. She needed them right now.  She meant no offense to Diana but she needed to talk to someone.


“I…I just don’t understand why she felt the need to film that and laugh at me. She just had to make my life harder than it already is” Rachel said sobbing as Ariel launched into a hug for her crying best friend brushing Rachel’s blonde hair out of her eyes.


“Rachel, I’m so sorry she did that but she was expelled for what she did to you” Ariel tried to comfort her unsure if it worked.


“Yeah but she uploaded it to YouTube for the world to see. I can’t show my face at school ever again” Rachel said as the crying slowly started to stop bringing up a video on her phone titled FUNNY SEIZURE GIRL. It was just so cruel Ariel thought, no one let alone her best friend should be mocked for something they can’t control but this jerkface felt the need to film Rachel having a seizure in front of her locker.

Ariel could see the tears were about to start back up again.


“Rachel, put that phone down and pick Diana back up. I love you, Cassie loves you, Blaire loves you even if she doesn’t always think about what she says” Ariel said looking Rachel directly in her eyes and she was starting to tear up. She hated seeing Rachel like this. She knew how sensitive Rachel was about her epilepsy and was how scared she was Ariel would leave her, the first time she saw Rachel having a seizure.


“I didn’t leave you when I saw you have a seizure for the first time and that’s never gonna change. We’re best friend sisters for life. You know that right?”


“I…I do!” Rachel said slowly regaining her confidence still squeezing Diana while also tightly holding onto Ariel and Blaire wanting them to never leave afraid the crying would start again the moment they walked out her door.  Rachel looked at her two friends trying to compose herself.


“Please don’t leave me?”





Cassie told their mom what had happened and Gretchen called Ariel and Blaire’s parents asking if they could stay. Gretchen knew how much her daughter needed her friends.  The three best friends had set up camp in the living room watching a marathon of their favorite movies. Ariel looked at her friend one more time who seemed to be in a much better mood.and reassured her.


“I’m not going anywhere”.


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4 thoughts on “I’m Not Going Anywhere (An Original Story by Timothy Murphy)

    1. Thanks, this came about because I saw some asshole decided to fake a seizure for a YouTube prank and I needed a way to vent/cope. Like your daughter I’ve never been bullied because of my seizures but seeing that video’s thumbnail gave me a similar feeling.

    1. Thankfully, I was never bullied because of my epilepsy but I know it does happen and I wanted to explore that here. I like making my characters epileptic like me but I’ve never really explored what living with it is like. And being bullied because of it is an aspect that just felt right to cover. Though, my next Rachel, Ariel and Blaire story will be lighter. I just needed to write something heavy and personal after what I saw last night.

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