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I had one little joke bit planned in this review, but I ended up deleting it and editing around that section for the final cut. When Randy and Dewey posit possible killers, I tried to see if I could sorta squeeze myself into the movie at the point when Mickey is brought up, being a horror aficionado. Unfortunately, my skills in Premiere and Photoshop are not yet to the point where I could do that very well, and by the end of it the best I could pull of was just doing a crappier version of the joke that’s already in the movie. Therefore, it didn’t make the cut, quite literally.

Also, while photoshop has been very helpful and fun in making backgrounds from the films usable, this is one particular film where that was still VERY difficult. A whole ton of Scream 2 is shot in close ups, with a very strong depth of field going on. You’d have a scene where two people out of a group of 3 are talking, the two are in focus, and the one person standing 3 feet behind is out of focus… and let’s not even get into the blur that was the scene background.

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    1. I only recently saw the rest of the Scream movies. I’d say see the first film first, as the other films give away the first’s twists. But the rest of the films are fun and entertaining as well. Scream 2 takes on sequels, Scream 3 takes on trilogies, Scream 4 takes on reboots, and Scream 2022 takes on the recent trend of ‘requels’ (the middle ground between a reboot and a sequel). Scream 3 is probably the weakest of them, but still has some good moments in it.

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