Death Race 2050 Review

Oooh, it’s time for some fun additional notes!

Three big changes kind of happened all at once that came together in this review being the first example of it. Number one, Char and I sat down, did a pow-wow and figured out a proper work schedule for me that so far, seems to be working out nicely. (I can guarantee that barring copyright BS, the next review will also be on time.) Secondly, I finally found the holy grail of audio balancing. Not only do you, the viewer, no longer need to worry about the videos going from whisper quiet to eardrum exploding… It’s actually cut back on the time I have to spend editing audio levels DRASTICALLY. Literally hours of work in the editor, now done in a few drag and drops with some parameter input. SERIOUSLY. Number three, as I’ve moved from PowerDirector over to Adobe Premiere (for better chroma keying) I figured as I have access to photoshop… why not see how it works? Well.. in the 20 years since I last used it, Photoshop has grown into an incredibly powerful and (lucky for me) idiot proof editing tool. It’s made it so I can actually be more creative with my greenscreen backgrounds, not having to worry as much about subjects in the shot I don’t want there – I can photoshop em away! Now, I’m not the best at it yet… clearly, I’ve been using it for a couple days if that… but all three of those big shifts in my ability to produce reviews are here in full effect for the Death Race 2050 review.

On a more somber note, this movie was also one of the ones I got in the big box of films as a sort of “inheritance” after my mother’s passing. I hope she’s looking down, and calling out “Ten points!”

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