For the first time just about ever… I do not have a credit sequence.

The fun of being a YouTuber, as I’ve watched the channel go into a “death spiral” over the last two years, and see it is now at it’s lowest point in 5 years…. well, it’s time to change some stuff up in hopes of correcting course. I’m currently musing over the idea that at some point, there was an unfortunate algorithmic shift that decided that the amount of viewers that reach the end of a video was more important than it was previously. I do not fault anyone who doesn’t want to sit and watch the credits, but that was a 60% drop of viewers at that point, down to about 20% of the total viewers who clicked on the vid in the first place. So… axing the credits.

Saving myself about 40 minutes of editing time (yay?) and sacrificing a creative outlet that I enjoyed doing – having a little musical supercut of the movie, along with an opportunity to provide additional notes. I guess I’m just gonna have to save that stuff for the description and posting below the video now, aren’t I?

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2 thoughts on “The Matrix Reloaded Review

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen The Matrix: Reloaded, but this review sums up that it’s pretty much how I remembered it: Long philosophical dialogue sequences alternating with overly long fight scenes that wear out their welcome. There are plenty of interesting ideas suggested, and the worldbuilding is interesting (the Merovingian and his associates who originated in previous versions of the Matrix, for example), but it’s hard to tell if any of it is actually leading anywhere.
    The pacing, I think, is probably one of the movie’s biggest problems. So many sequences just run a bit too long. And yes, you’re right in pointing out how the CGI hasn’t aged well, but that’s true of a LOT of movies made in the early 2000s.

    1. I absolutely loved the design of the mechasuits in Zion. Also, I think it helps that big, bulky, ugly, clunky machines seem to age better as CGI than weirdly smooth not at all naturally animated “people.”

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