To close out this year’s Christmas blogs, I wanted to take a look at a Frozen spin on a classic Christmas story, The Night Before Christmas.  

It’s simple and pretty cute placing Olaf in the role of the Papa from the original poem. What makes this work is Olaf’s childlike wonder as doesn’t understand what’s going on as this is his first Christmas.  One of the cutest moments is how he refers to Santa’s reindeer as seven Svens and wonders how they can fly. It’s also really cute seeing him go through the castle wondering what is going on as it works to make him an audience surrogate in a way for those that are trying to understand the excitement of the holiday.  Of course, seeing Olaf get to meet and hug Santa was a nice capper.



It’s a cute little book that puts a new spin on a Christmas classic that I’m sure kids would love.  The artwork is also quite gorgeous to look at as it evokes those warm feelings that come when you spend the holidays with the ones that care about you.



My Final Thoughts


As I said, this is a cute book and was a joy to read. I imagine young kids who love Frozen would get a kick out of it as well.  With that said, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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