I’ve established many times over that I love A Christmas Carol. So imagine my excitement last year when LEGO released A Christmas Carol themed set.  This set was a promotional giveaway if you spent a certain amount.  I do not recall as this was a Christmas gift from my father last year.  And if I am honest,  this was my most anticipated LEGO set of 2020.  So, the question remains, did this set live up to my expectians.  Yes, it did.

It is a simple set and while it does include a lot of stickers but they aen’t a big as some stickers I’ve dealt with.  You should see how huge the sticker of Abby from the Sesame Street set is.



So,  that’s okay and after a while.  As a Christmas Carol fan, I was a little disappointed that it only came with three minifgures and none of the ghosts.  The only characters that you get are Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and Tiny Tim.



Part of what made me think that this might be a scene involving a ghost is Tiny Tim has an alternate face that is a bit smudged and made me think that perhaps this was during Scrooge’s visit of The Ghost of Christmas Present.  However, I think this might be towards the end of the story after Scrooge sees the light and comes to the Cratchit household.  The scene depicted is beautiful laying atop the book with Scrooge outside in the snow knocking on the door while Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim are inside the house.



I do love the detail in the Cratchit house to make it look like someone in the Cratchit’s situation is living here.



You’ll also notice that the binding that reads the title and author is a drawer.  I’m not sure what the decision for this was and this is actually the second Christmas set I have that includes a drawer as the Snowglobe set that also included a drawer.



I’m not sure why but I decided to take advantage of it by putting the leftover parts in the drawer.  It’s a nice place to store them in case a piece breaks or gets lost.


My Final Thoughts


I adore this set.  It was my favorite set of last year, it does a great job of bringing this wonderful story to life in LEGO form.  I also know that a big reason I love this set so much is because I got to build this set with my nephew on Christmas day and having that memory means quite a lot to me.  Being able to share two things I love, LEGO and A Christmas Carol with someone I love is a memory I will always cherish.  And that is something I will always think of when I look at this set.


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