Over the next couple of days,  we are going to be having a holiday party at The Loud House leading up to a review of the live-action A Loud House Christmas 



Starting with the first episode today,  we are looking at is thankfully an original story and an enjoyable one.


The Plot


The setup is simple we learn that because of how big the Loud family is, they do give a gift exchange where they only buy a present for one person.  And this is where Lincoln comes in, I do love Linc but he can be a bit selfish as is the case here as he really wants to get a Rip Hardcore backpack and this is also where Lincoln’s moniker of The Man with a Plan comes in as he uses his board with photos of his sisters as he tries to swap as he knows that Lily has gotten his name.  And at first, thinks that means a present from mom and dad but nope.  It is fun watching Lincoln go through everything including pretending to be Lori and his mom.  It also shows how much he let wanting a present blind him to what the holiday is truly about.

To the point where forgot o get a gift for Lola the person that he got.  After exhausting every option, he’s approached Chandler or as the fandom likes to say a creep and gives up his backpack to get Lola a nice pair of earrings.


In the end, Lincoln gets an adorable finger painting from Lily of the two of them featuring the backpack.



This isn’t a bad episode but not quite as good as the first Christmas episode from The Loud House but I think that comes from the fact that was a full half-hour special whereas this was only 11 minutes. Granted, there was still a lot of story and Lincoln’s story while not having the same depth does remind me of how Helga learns what the holidays are truly about after pining after a pair of snow boots in Arnold’s Christmas.



Though again, that moment had a lot more meaning to it in my opinion.





Lincoln voiced by Asher Bishop



I do appreciate the journey that Lincoln goes on throughout this episode as it shows him truly growing and understanding that he messed up.   In many ways, I feel as though this is a perfect lesson for kids during this time of year.



My Final Thoughts


This is decent but as I said, 11 Louds a Leapin’ was better.   Tomorrow, we take a look at this short’s sister episode and what is probably the weakest Christmas episode from The Loud House as we see how The Loud House tackles my favorite Christmas story.





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