This piece of Inuyasha fan art with the completed hand tutorial hosted by the DeviantArt team is dedicated to SerenaFoxx, FcoMk513-DA, and Lanalightspeed who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, I wish you a lot of love, joy, and prosperity in your lives as artists and as people. Furthermore, this is my entry for this year’s Red Ribbon Reviewers’ submissions as well as this year’s Inuvember submission. Here is Inuyasha in all of his jungle man power, and he is determined to implement his super strength, magnificent muscles, incomparable combat prowess, ferocious fists, and righteous wrestling moves to beat any foe to a bloody pulp. John Carter, Tarzan, Kaanga, Ki-gor, Kavandavanda, Malb’yat, and Arok as well as Conan, Zula, and Ka-Zar would be really proud of this dog yokai jungle king.
Delving into the African jungle, especially within the Temple of the Animal Gods, is part of the course when it comes to discovering fascinatingly enthralling denizens as well as being hypnotised by the totality of the world-building. This time, you enter a chamber fit for a mighty jungle king. It is blood red to signify that this jungle warrior king has fought many an enemy with his bare hands, claws, fangs, and muscles while coming out of each battle victorious as he can be. Aside from the floor of gold accompanying the blood-red wall and ceiling, you see eight gold handprints, eight silver handprints, and eight bronze handprints, with the smallest one starting when the jungle king was young until his adulthood. A man approaching 39 years of age with long flowing silver hair, Akita dog ears, and two stripes on his cheeks enters the scene looking as fearsomely fierce as ever. Never let his Akita dog ears fool you, for his profile emulates any formidable Etruscan warrior, his muscles are huge and bulging, thus making every enemy shake and shiver, his fangs and his claws are sharper than any spear, dagger, and/or sword, and the two bright purple stripes denote that he has achieved full yokai status. He stands erect, raises his massive arms, flexes his bulging biceps, and emits a hugely thundering roar akin to a tiger, a lion, a gorilla, a leopard, and a jaguar. He is Inuyasha the king of the jungle, the second-born son of Toga the chief of the jungle, the younger brother of Sesshoumaru, the best friend/surrogate younger brother of Shuran, the best friend/most loyal confidant/surrogate older brother of Hakkaku and Ginta, the husband of Ayame, and the surrogate older brother of Shunran. Donning a leopard-skin loincloth not only accentuates Inuyasha’s muscular figure, but it also emphasises the fact that he is a powerful, mighty, formidable, and potent jungle warrior prepared to crack and smash enemies’ skulls in, have their heads mounted on pikes, and use their blood as war paint all while letting out a huge fearsome victory roar and beating his well-built chests, especially when his eyes turn red and his fangs grow sharper.
Inuyasha’s magnificent muscles, super strength, sterling stamina, and fearsome ferociousness are the attributes that make him an all-around formidable jungle warrior king. He could give Bundroc and Kull the Conquerer a barrage of uppercuts, hooks, jabs, and roundhouse kicks to bruise them all over their hulking bodies. He could effortlessly triumph in any wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and/or Pankration match against John Carter, Tarzan, Kavandavanda, Malb’yat, Arok, Kaanga, and Ki-gor thanks to his headlocks, chokeholds, bear-hugs, back-breakers, neck-breakers, head scissors, Boston crabs, and camel clutches to the point where these jungle warrior kings would be very proud of Inuyasha for being an absolutely strong fighter. Even Disney’s Tarzan, Basuli, and Hercules would marvel at Inuyasha’s super strength and magnificent muscles while Muviro and Adonis would be brazen enough to take him down, only for Inuyasha to effortlessly beat them up by virtue of his super strength. Conan, Ka-Zar, Zula, Anabebe, and Tar-chan would love to have Inuyasha over for a weightlifting session, considering how wonderfully he can bench-press 2 tonnes of weight without any apparent effort whatsoever. They would even compare each others’ muscles by flexing their biceps, pecs, and triceps at each other. In fact, Inuyasha has earned every jungle king, jungle high priest, and tribal warrior all of their boundless respect, allegiance, and reverence.
As the king of the jungle, Inuyasha ensures safety, solidarity, and security to prevail in his jungle home. He uses his prodigious strength, well-built muscles, and skills as a wrestler, kickboxer, boxer, and martial artist to tackle every poacher, looter, and plunderer who dares to destroy the jungle and hurt his family. He even trains various warriors to be as strong, powerful, and mighty as he is, thus passing down everything he knows and cherishes to his protégés with all of his being.
Being happily married to Ayame has also made him a proud, loving, and supportive father to seven sons and seven daughters. In fact, all of his seven sons have become powerful jungle kings taking after their father in strength, muscle power, and combat prowess. 24-year-old triplet sons Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru are powerful jungle warrior kings who use their muscles, combat prowess, and strength to squeeze the life out of their enemies. 23-year-old twin sons Kenta and Keita pride themselves on being the jungle’s mightiest musclemen, thus charming various jungle princesses and challenging various jungle warriors to a wrestling match, a bodybuilding pose-down, and/or both. 22-year-old twin sons Kazuhiko and Kaito demonstrate power, handsomeness, and courage as warriors who never want to surrender. Inuyasha’s most favourite activities to do with his sons are having bodybuilding pose-downs with each other, as they compare each others’ well-built and bulging muscles, strength contests via weightlifting, and sparring in wrestling, boxing, and Pankration. Inuyasha has done a fine job in whipping his sons into fantastic shape as super strong, magnificently muscular, and ferociously fierce jungle warrior kings.
Overlooking how superbly Inuyasha has raised his sons to grow up to be courageously strong men, he has a tight, competitive, and fierce relationship with his older brother, Sesshoumaru, considering all of the fierce kickboxing, boxing, Pankration, and wrestling matches they get themselves into while emitting powerful roars that could give any lion, gorilla, bear, and tiger a run for their money. Furthermore, Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s epic hand-to-hand battles are enough to make Kerchak vs Tublat and Mufasa vs Scar appear more soothing, sweet, and innocent by sheer comparison. Inuyasha considers Shuran to be his best friend and great surrogate older brother, as they support each other by virtue of their physical strength and endurance by competing with each other in weightlifting and wrestling. Together, their strength is enough to make any silverback gorilla absolutely envious of them. Hakkaku and Ginta always look up to Inuyasha as their older brother because of how supportive he is of them, pushes them to think for themselves, competes with them in their daily wrestling, boxing, and Pankration matches, and offers them his signature noggins. As a matter of fact, Inuyasha has a super tight brotherhood with Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta, thus having an unbreakable bond as brothers. Inuyasha’s love life with Ayame is full of passion and beauty, given their nights of intimacy in the trees, the bare rainforest, and even the temple chamber with incense perfuming the air. Besides their intimacy, Inuyasha is so thankful to have Ayame in his life, for she has a lot of compassion, kindness, and support for him. As for Shunran, he enjoys helping her become a stronger warrior through various sparring matches and marathon races. Inuyasha’s relationships with his older biological brother, older surrogate brother, younger surrogate brothers, wife, and younger surrogate sister displays true unconditional love and a lot of allegiance.
Inuyasha is one jungle king enemies ought to beware, friends should aspire to be, and one who can turn boys into men. His magnificent muscles, super strength, and incomparable combat prowess are absolutely astounding to the point where he has passed down his amazing attributes to his progeny, especially to his sons.
I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next Inuvember submission. Take care, stay safe, and please show reverence, allegiance, and respect to Inuyasha as your jungle king, everybody.
Inuyasha from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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