This piece of Hakkaku fan art with the completed fire tutorial hosted by the DeviantArt team is dedicated to cici-chi, KattiRowski, Scarlettbreaking, and Bunnykoi who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, I wish you all a lot of love, joy, and happiness in your lives as artists and as people.¬†Furthermore, this is my entry for this year’s Red Ribbon Reviewers’ submissions as well as this year’s Inuvember submission. Here is Hakkaku in his jungle man awesomeness prepared to outrun, outmuscle, and beat up any perpetrator who dares to underestimate him.

Deep in the African jungle is the Temple of the Animal Gods. While it is Sesshoumaru’s main domicile as the high priest, especially his throne room, his vassals also have their respective chambers. We have taken a gander at Shuran’s jade chamber adorned with dragons, snakes, and panther paws, and we even had a gander at this powerful giant whose strength should never be underestimated. However, we now divert our attention to another chamber. As opposed to the crimson-purple royal colour of Sesshoumaru’s throne room and the cooler colour of Shuran’s chamber, this room is hot, literally and figuratively. You are greeted by a chamber of orange, with its garishness enough to rival that of the sun’s or even Mars let alone any flaming asteroid. Making the chamber even warmer, especially after enduring the harshly cold outside weather as well as all the rain that has been pouring in the jungle, is the fire on the bronze torches and on the silver goblets. That glowing fire also makes the golden fire wall designs and the floor of gold shine even brighter. A tan-skinned 38-year-old man sporting a mohawk enters in his well-built and muscular glory. He seems persuasive thanks to his charming good looks, as he invites you to come forward to witness his strength and handsomeness. He raises his mighty arms, flexes his biceps, and lets out a mighty roar akin to a leopard, tiger, and/or lion. He is Hakkaku the messenger of the jungle, surrogate son of Toga the chief of the jungle, the most loyal follower/surrogate younger brother to Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, the most supportive surrogate younger brother to Shuran, the most loving older brother to Ginta, and the most endearing surrogate older brother to Ayame and Shunran. Hakkaku would usually don a necklace with a sabertooth demon tooth as the centrepiece and pearl bracelets on his wrists and ankles. However, he is presented in his handsomely athletic semi-nude glory with only a leopard-skin loincloth to display his complete athleticism, fierceness, strength, and stamina.

Hakkaku’s fine combat prowess, astounding athleticism, fabulous musculature, and steely stamina are coupled with his unparalleled sense of loyalty, allegiance, respect, friendship, and solidarity towards his friends and family, especially towards Sesshoumaru the high priest. He is essentially the Ogdli to Sesshoumaru’s Kavandavanda and Shuran’s leopard man warrior, given how much servitude and allegiance he has in store for Sesshoumaru. One should never mistake Hakkaku’s servitude and loyalty for being a pushover because he has sufficient athleticism, inner strength, and fierceness to stand on his own two feet, protect the ones he loves with all his heart, and never give up on his family let alone himself. Messengers and guards from the Waziri to the Kavuru to the Mangani tribes all salute Hakkaku for his servitude to the point where even the likes of Waranji and Wasimbu cannot help but give him every single round of applause they can dish up and serve.

As the jungle messenger, Hakkaku ensures tight communication to occur within his family, throughout the neighbouring tribes, and with various animals. His fleet feet could make any cheetah, hawk, eagle, leopard, panther, and jaguar blush with jealousy, and he is even capable of outrunning any sports car thanks to his endurance. Therefore, Hakkaku does his very best to get his messages across. Be it a battle cry for war, an invitation to a wedding and/or a christening or just good old checking up on everybody nearest and dearest to him, he is always on the go from sunup until sundown. Hakkaku’s speed and strength are also reliable in battle, given the many sparring matches he enjoys with Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, and Ginta in wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, Pankration, and various martial arts. With his speed, strength, and combat prowess combined, Hakkaku is a clear-cut demonstration on never underestimating his high-strung tendencies for weakness. In fact, Hakkaku can turn whatever weakness he has into a strength to astonish his enemies in unexpected ways, especially with his punches, kicks, chokeholds, judo flips, and quick reflexes.

Besides Hakkaku’s jungle messenger duties, he is also a loving, caring, and supportive father to seven daughters, 29-year-olds Hitomi and Moegi, 28-year-olds Satsuki, Mizuki, and Kanna, 27-year-old Koume, and 26-year-old Ai. All seven daughters have grown up to be courageous, quick-witted, graceful women who persevere in the face of adversity. They have also learned the importance of duty, servitude, and responsibility. Hitomi, Satsuki, and Mizuki are athletic women who use their strength, speed, and stamina to convey messages and defeat their enemies with everything they have got. Moegi, Kanna, Koume, and Ai are graceful ladies who are also healers, artisans, and creative minds willing to help anybody in dire need. Hakkaku is so proud to see his daughters grow up to be brave women who are sufficiently determined to never give up on anything.

Being a loving single father to seven lovely young women aside, Hakkaku also has a staunch relationship with his three surrogate older brothers, his younger brother by nine months, and his two surrogate younger sisters. He always enjoys training in boxing, kickboxing, Pankration, judo, jujitsu, and Muay Thai with Sesshoumaru, thus becoming faster and stronger with each and every training session. Shuran and Hakkaku also have tight relationship as brothers from other mothers because of the occasions they defend each other from harm and train each other to be stronger fighters by implementing weightlifting, circuit training, wrestling, and boxing. With Inuyasha, Hakkaku can always count on him to help him become the best version of himself by virtue of his physical strength, undeterred determination, and unrivalled combat prowess, considering that Inuyasha trains him in wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing. As brothers, Hakkaku and Ginta have a fraternal relationship based on unconditional love, never giving up on each other, and play-fighting in wrestling and kickboxing. Aside from the men, Hakkaku’s fraternal relationship with his sisters from other mothers, Ayame and Shunran, is just as strong, loving, and caring because of how attentive he is to them as well as the fun they have racing each other through the jungle. Hakkaku certainly is a dutiful soul both as a jungle messenger and as a loving individual to his family.

Hakkaku’s strength, speed, and stamina are the great attributes he needs to survive as a messenger. Friends and family are always grateful to have him in their lives thanks to his dependability and high sense of duty, thus channeling his strength, speed, and stamina into something productive.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and you can always rely on Hakkaku to be your jungle messenger, everybody.

Hakkaku from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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