This piece of Inuyasha and Ginta fan art, which is my submission for ItsRaspring’s Halloween Contest #SPOOKYWEEN_CONTEST00, is dedicated to Koza-Kun and Webfriends246 who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, prosperity, fortitude, hope, and perseverance in your lives as artists and as people.¬†Furthermore, this is my entry for this year’s Red Ribbon Reviewers’ submissions as well as this year’s Inuvember submission.

Today, we have Inuyasha and Ginta being the handsome, wild, virile, super strong, and mightily muscular jungle kings that they are. Overlooking their bulging muscles, lion-like strength, and leopard-like fierceness, Inuyasha and Ginta bear a relationship that is richly brimming with fraternal love, thus proving to each other that they will always be the best of brothers for life. They even share that oath with Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Hakkaku, for they will always be the closest of brothers, while, simultaneously, showing as much love, dedication, and appreciation to their respective wives, Ayame and Shunran. Therefore, Inuyasha is the mighty Herculean big brother to Ginta’s charming Adonis little brother, thus being a fine combination of muscular virility and fraternal lovability. Inuyasha appreciates Ginta for making him laugh, smile, and mess around with him. Ginta revels in how brave, strong, and resilient Inuyasha is to the point where he aspires to be as formidable as he is.

Approaching 39 years old this coming December 4 is Inuyasha the king of the jungle whose mighty muscles, spectacularly super strength, fierce ferocity, and impeccable combat prowess make him the most prized fighter in all of the African jungles. Allies and opponents alike are fascinated by Inuyasha’s rock-hard fists of fury, spear-like fangs, dagger-like claws, bulging muscles from his biceps to his pecs to his abs to his calves, his penchant for various forms of hand-to-hand combat, and his peerless strength which can be easily compared to lions, elephants, and gorillas. Inuyasha is also gifted with a very powerful roar which can make any lion, leopard, jaguar, tiger, puma, and cougar green with envy as well as a powerful jungle man yell, forceful enough to make Tarzan beat his chests and roar in approval. When enemies see Inuyasha in his full might, especially in his feral full yokai form, letting out his mighty yell that transforms into a roar while beating his chests, they better run, lest they become undone. Furthermore, his camel clutches, Boston crabs, chokeholds, sleeper holds, back-breakers, neck-breakers, bear-hugs, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, hooks, and jabs are fatal enough to destroy any enemy who dares to cross his path. His combat prowess, super strength, and boundless determination would be enough to make Mufasa, Simba, Ka-Zar, Hercules, Basuli, Tarzan, and many warriors truly proud of him. As king of the jungle, Inuyasha rules with might and determination while protecting his home from all invaders, looters, poachers, and violators. When Inuyasha is not ensuring the safety of the jungle and his fellow warriors, be they yokai, human, and animal, he loves to engage in wrestling, Pankration, and boxing matches with his favourite big brother Sesshoumaru, weightlifting with his surrogate big brother Shuran, and boxing and wrestling matches with his surrogate brothers Hakkaku and Ginta. Outside his brothers, he loves having spicy, intimate, and exciting nights of passion and consummation with his wife Ayame as well as having couple workouts in the morning with her. He even enjoys sparring, swimming, and running with his surrogate little sister Shunran.

Approaching 38 years old this coming December 18 is Ginta the captain of the guard of the jungle whose well-toned muscles, prodigious strength, sturdy stamina, agile speed, fine combat prowess, and indubitable valour make him an invaluable member of the family as well as the entire jungle. Ginta is a fabulous combination Herculean strength, Odyssean heroism, and has an adorability, virile beauty, and sweetness that can make Adonis, Narcissus, and Apollo blush and flush with sheer jealousy. In fact, every jungle princess, queen, high priestess, and woman healer admire his darling dimples to the point where his physical and characteristic charm is absolutely infectious. However, opponents should never be fooled by Ginta’s charm and sweetness, for underneath his lovability lies a formidable spirit who never backs down from a fight, even when fear stares at him in the face. To prove that, Ginta has gazelle-like agility, cheetah-like speed, and lion-like strength to tackle any enemy who dares to belittle him, especially when he gives them a taste of his lightning punches, kicks, chokeholds, and bear-hugs that can crush and smash all of his enemies. Therefore, Ginta has the strength of Malb’yat, the adorability of Arok, the fearlessness of John Carter, the athleticism of Kavandavanda, and the great fighting spirit of Tarzan, Kaanga, and Zembla. Being the jungle’s captain of the guard, Ginta ensures security and protection to remain top priority to the jungle, his family, and his flora and fauna friends while sounding the call with his signature jungle man yell, enough to give Tarzan a run for his money, to ready the family for battle against invaders. Aside from Ginta’s duties as a steadfast captain of the guard, he revels in practicing meditation and martial arts with Sesshoumaru, weightlifting with Shuran, and wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing with Inuyasha and Hakkaku, thus having a super competitive and warm relationship with his brothers for life. He even enjoys running and swinging vines with Ayame, who he considers as a slightly younger sister and good friend. More than anybody, he enjoys making sweet love, night swimming, and canoodling with Shunran, for he considers her to be his queen of the African jungle.

Inuyasha and Ginta represent two varying degrees of strength, stamina, muscle power, and combat prowess. Where Inuyasha is all muscle, ferocity, fierceness, and brute strength, Ginta is all about surprising his enemies with his fighting skills, thus leading them to a most unexpectedly fatal sting thanks to his great combination of speed, strength, and stamina. Overlooking their differences, Inuyasha and Ginta maintain a strong brotherly relationship enough to make the likes of Basuli and Tarzan, Anabebe and Tar-chan, and Conan and Zula really happy for them. Therefore, Inuyasha and Ginta care for each other as brothers/best friends/comrades for life while proving that they can combine their strength together to beat their foes into a pulp.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and show some love, respect, and allegiance to your local jungle king and jungle captain of the guard, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ginta from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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