2 thoughts on “James Talks DVDs – Genesis: The Last Domino?

  1. Ah, the unfortunate curse of age. It’s definitely sad to see a lot of musicians’ health decline throughout the years. Hearing about Phil’s current state reminds me of how Tim Curry had a stroke a few years ago. He’s been stuck in a wheelchair ever since and has trouble talking (though he’s gotten better). Regardless of that, they had him in the Rocky Horror Reboot and it was sad to see.

    1. I think this experience with watching Phil struggle has turned me off completely from seeing old bands live. The Rolling Stones, Elton John, and The Who have all come through my city recently and while I love those bands I just don’t want to pay upwards of $200 a ticket to see men nearing their 80s sing songs from 50 years ago. The St. Vincent concert I mentioned was fun, energetic, and I didn’t leave feeling depressed, the way Genesis would make me feel now.

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