This edited screenshot collage is dedicated to all of the wonderful Inuyasha x Ayame, Ginta x Shunran, and Kohaku x Rin shippers from all over the world. Sit back, relax, and soak in InuAya’s fortitude, GinShun’s beauty, and KohaRin’s lovability. This is also my first entry for this year’s Red Ribbon Reviewers’ submissions.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Inuyasha viewers of all ages, happy All Saints’ Day. This is my way of commencing Inuvember by featuring three of my most eternally beloved Inuyasha OTPs that I have been cherishing so much ever since I was a tween and teen. I contend that no other pairing can ever compare to the grandiosity of InuAya, GinShun, and KohaRin because of how much formidable staying power these three couples have. The romantic pairings between a dog hanyou warrior king and a wolf yokai warrior queen, a wolf yokai warrior gentleman and a panther yokai warrior lady, and a human Taijiya cavalier with the potential to grow into a formidable warrior prince and a young human lady who shows promising growth as a future warrior princess are my ideas of paradise and relationships based on unconditional love, respect, allegiance, courage, hope, fortitude, and perseverance. Furthermore, Kohaku and Rin, being the lovable couple they are, are fortunate to be inspired by Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s super strength, formidability, and courage as well as Ginta’s and Shunran’s craftiness, speed, and gregariousness even to the point where Kohaku respects Inuyasha and Ginta as if though they were his surrogate father and surrogate uncle and Rin admires Ayame and Shunran as her mother and aunt. Therefore, I am never ever going to abandon these three awesome power couples.

Inuyasha x Ayame: Super Strength, Fierceness, and Perseverance Indubitably Incarnate
Inuyasha and Ayame are the couple enemies would have to endeavour to run away from because of the fantastic amount of physical damage this dog hanyou warrior king and his wolf yokai warrior queen can do. Inuyasha’s magnificent muscles, Herculean strength, and relentless fierceness plus Ayame’s furious fists, fleet feet, and demanding determination have garnered them a multitude of respect and reverence from the Northern Yoro Tribe and all of their friends and family. Therefore, Inuyasha’s prodigious strength is enough to make elephants, lions, tigers, bears, and gorillas blush with so much envy, and Ayame’s fierce combat prowess can make jaguars, panthers, leopards, eagles, and hawks just as envious because of fantastically she is able to combine strength and speed. Making their enemies quake and flee with fear is only a part of what makes Inuyasha and Ayame super strong and super courageous, for their strength as a couple is also found in their equally fierce loyalty towards each other and the high amount of libido they have when all the curtains and doors are closed. In fact, Inuyasha and Ayame are the most intimate couple to ever grace Japan because of the high amount of mojo is present when they make sweet, spicy, and hot love to each other. Overlooking the fierceness, bravado, and determination, Inuyasha and Ayame truly care for each other, understand each other inside and out, and only want what is best from each other. Both of them do not have to pretend and can see each other for who they really are warts and all. This sense of compassion demonstrates that strength is not always measured in the number of enemies defeated and how many heavy objects Inuyasha and Ayame can lift, but it is measured in how durable Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s relationship is amidst all cruel odds and the many occasions where the world may not always be at their side. Therefore, Inuyasha and Ayame are absolutely inseparable.

Ginta x Shunran: Gracious Gregariousness, Charm, and Gorgeousness Fully Realised
Ginta and Shunran are defined by their willingness to never let anything get them down and are never going to permit pessimism destroy the proverbial house they have built together. Ginta’s chivalry, masculine charm, and lovable hilarity compliment Shunran’s mischievousness, feistiness, and boundless optimism fascinatingly well to the point where they can always see a silver lining amidst the dark clouds, thus making their collective optimism very infectious towards everybody they meet. However, just because Ginta and Shunran are a sweet couple does not mean that they cannot be formidable, as Ginta has sufficient strength, speed, and stamina to overcome any felon and Shunran’s speed and mastery over illusions can make their enemies’ heads spin round and round. Intimacy is a hallmark to Ginta’s and Shunran’s ever loving relationship because this is where they obtain the opportunity to be liberated from any false pretences and let themselves be open towards each other without any filters whatsoever. Their idea of reaching paradise in an intimate manner is making love to each other in a chamber incensed with roses, gardenias, cherry blossoms, and lavenders, for tension has no access to disrupt Ginta’s and Shunran’s boundless intimacy. Unconditional love is just as vital in Ginta’s and Shunran’s ever blossoming relationship because this helps them acknowledge each other as individuals and not what everybody else thinks. They support each other through thick and thin, they encourage each other in positive ways, and they will never abandon each other. Whether Ginta grows as a gallant warrior always their to protect Shunran or Shunran implements her illusions to protect Ginta from all harm, they will never surrender to any form of temptation and will consistently persevere through every trial and tribulation they encounter in their lives.

Kohaku x Rin: Gallant Genuineness, Lovability, and Adorability Completely Defined
Kohaku and Rin are capable of blossoming into maturity as a couple and as individuals because of how much they can understand each other and how much purity their relationship has as they grow in beauty, harmony, strength, perseverance, unconditional love, charisma, respect, and allegiance. They would commence as childhood friends who enjoy each others’ company and would grow into a fine couple whose inseparable relationship can never be questioned. Despite their young age, Kohaku does display sufficient nobility, chivalry, and dignity to ensure that his beloved Rin does not get injured or abandoned just like a real knight defending his lady, while Rin bears a plentiful amount of grace, decorum, and respect which can make any noblewoman or princess green with envy. The possibilities of Kohaku and Rin growing up to be super strong fighters are absolutely endless because of the wonderful role models they have in their lives. Kohaku has Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta helping him reach his peak physical strength and full potential in the endurance department in order to become the formidable warrior he can be as well as demonstrate that he can overcome all of the obstacles by never surrendering. Rin has Ayame and Shunran to aid her into becoming a fighter whose strength is not always measured in muscle but in character and determination. Their enemies may underestimate Kohaku and Rin, but they would prove them wrong with their amazing physical prowess thanks to what they were taught by their role models, with Kohaku using his martial arts skills to give enemies a good bruising and Rin implementing quick reflexes to get the job done. As Kohaku and Rin grow as fighters and as individuals, their romantic relationship will increase in intimacy as well as the possibility of building a strong family with principles based on decorum, respect, and love becoming far more fully realised than ever before. Whatever ill may come Kohaku’s and Rin’s way will never destroy the happy home they have created, thus making them flourish in copious amounts of grace, love, and prosperity.

I have been a loyal Inuyasha x Ayame, Ginta x Shunran, and Kohaku x Rin partisan when I was a child, and I am still so proud to show my everlasting support and love to my three main Inuyasha pairings because of how much they brim with strength, courage, and unconditional love. Their inseparability can never be challenged.

I hope you all enjoyed my first Inuvember entry. I would also love to know if you love all these three couples as well as your experiences with InuAya, GinShun, and KohaRin. Take care, stay safe, have a blessed All Saints’ Day, and keep on showing your love for InuAya, GinShun, and KohaRin, everybody.

Inuyasha, Ayame, Ginta, Shunran, Kohaku, and Rin from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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