Hey guys, Gerawallstar here, and I am here to review the 46th Disney film, known as the 2005 film Chicken Little. This film when it was released, it was the second CGI film ever made in Disney animation, with Dinosaur(2000) being the first. It made some money at the box office making around $314 million, but it was far from what Disney has made with The Lion King. More importantly, it was definitely a critical failure at the time. In my opinion, this film is definitely one of the worst Disney films ever made. This was Disney’s low point right here. If you thought Home on the Range was bad, and responsible for killing 2D animation, this film is a lot worse!


The story of this film is about a chicken named Chicken Little being outcasted by everyone around him, because he claimed that the sky was falling. So to prove that he is worthy, he tries out for a baseball game to gain his trust for his dad, and the people around him. While on top of all that, he encounters a space alien that invaded the town. So its up to him to save the town from the aliens. This is what the plot actually feels like. It is that bad. Seriously, there is nothing that goes on in the story. The execution is choppy, the writing is abysmal, the science fiction plot that Disney has done makes no sense, and the ending was stupid. The baseball scene that was in the movie was even pointless. What’s even worst about the baseball scene was Chicken Little could’ve actually used that moment as an advantage to save the town. If you thought that was bad, the film gets even more grating with the heavy use of pop culture references thrown in, trying to become the next Shrek. The only scene that I thought it was good was the scene where the father actually listened to his son for once and made up. That’s it. This story is very bad, and definitely could’ve been handled a lot better. I give the story three stars.


With the poor story out of the way, the animation however is actually not that bad. However, it is also not good. I understand that this is Disney’s first time doing CGI film, but with how well the other CGI films such as The Incredibles, and Shrek 2 were made from the previous year?! They have no excuse to use this awful attempt at the animation. Especially since their first CGI film from another brand called PIXAR released their first film called Toy Story 10 years before this movie came out. Heck, even their first CGI outing Dinosaur five years earlier had better animation than this! This film cost around $150 million to make, and it was the most expensive film of its time. What were they doing with that higher budget?! The characters look so ugly, the backgrounds are hideous, and the small details like the soda scene in the beginning is bad. The only good thing about the animation is the design of the aliens. They surprisingly look pretty good, not going to lie. But despite that decent alien design, everything else is bad. This was not a good start of Disney doing CGI animation. I give the animation five stars.


The characters here are juvenile. They are not memorable, and they are very unlikeable. Every character is just so mean to Chicken Little just because he made a mistake of claiming that the sky was falling. I felt bad for him in the movie. The worst character in this movie, and even in animation history is Buck Cluck. I couldn’t stand him abusing his son, by not believing in him when he claimed that the sky was falling. I really hated that guy! What’s worst about the characters are that their mean-spiritedness teaches kids a bad message that nobody cares about you in life, and everyone is mean in this world. I get it. I get that the message is more realistic and somewhat true, but the way that it was presented here was poorly done. And for a Disney film? That’s even more sad, because Disney has taught us in their past films that they’re are good things that can happen in the world, even though there are bad things and people that will harm you. They have helped thousands of children knowing who they are, how to succeed and make them happy with the stories, messages, and even teaching them that they matter, and people will reach out to them and help them when they are being put down in the world. The other characters like Foxy Loxy is a generic bully/villain, and Chicken Little’s friends such as Runt the Pig, and Fish out of Water are one dimensional. The only characters I do like is the main character Chicken Little, and his friend Abby, which I also feel bad for. Lastly, Kirby the Alien admittedly, is kind of cute. These characters are atrocious, and downright cruel. I give the characters four stars.


This is not only the worst animated film, but also the worst Disney animated film of all time. Chicken Little is a terrible Disney movie that has okay animation from the aliens, and a good main character, while hurts badly with an awful story, mediocre animation, and mean-spirited characters. Coming from a company that has made legends such as Snow White, and The Lion King, this is one of their worst movies of all time, and I am glad that John Lasseter came in and save Disney in the late 2000s and the 2010s decade when Disney was making awful movies during the 2000s, especially this drek of a movie. I would recommend the 1943 Chicken Little short a lot more than this pile of crap, because it has a better story, and characters that are handled properly. I give this movie three stars out of ten.



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