Season 2 of The Owl House has been so much gayer than last season and I love that.  We are seeing actual development of the Lumity relationship to Luz now feeling the same way about Amity as Amity feels towards her.


To Amity kissing Luz and you’ll notice that Amity now has purple hair. Well, that in a way is something fans have wanted for a while, Amity taking control of her life and loosening her mother’s grip.


Which I may have freaked out over seeing that and speaking of love interests,  this week’s episode introduced us to a possible love interest for Eda named Raine Whispers and they are non-binary. This is amazing and their character is amazing.  They are the head of the Bard Coven and are working alongside other bards to stop Emperor Belos.  Oh, and they are voiced by nonbinary voice actor, Avi Roque who tweeted that this was a dream come true.  


Now,  we don’t know too much about them as of right now except they have a past with Eda, which is just so sweet


The way they feel about one another is so sweet that you almost knew it would end in tragedy.  This is especially felt when a picture of King and Luz falls to the ground while the two are fighting two of the other head witches and Raine asks Eda if she has kids.  You just want to see the relationship between these two work out.   Raine as a character themselves is great as they’re shy and a bit awkward as we see at the beginning of the episode but they also stand up for what they believe is right.  And that’s why they lead Bards Against The Throne.



Things don’t work out great for the group but it’s awesome that they will stand up to the man.  There isn’t a whole lot more to say but I’m excited to see more of this character in the future.  Join me next time for a different entry as we look at the character of Zoit from Lloyd in Space


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2 thoughts on “A Look at Disney’s LGBTQ Characters: Raine Whispers and Lumity Update (The Owl House)

  1. Very glad to see the NB community getting positive representation in Owl House. Can’t wait to see what more will be revealed of Raine in the future, and hopefully their relationship with Eda has a happy outcome.

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