4 thoughts on “James Talks DVDs – The Three Stooges (2012)

  1. I won’t lie that the marketing for this movie put me off seeing it for years, but having seen some clips from it over the last year, it does seem pretty compelling. I think Sean, Will and Chris do a good job replicating the mannerisms of the Stooges (I even heard that Billy West was brought on as a coach to help Sean get his Larry voice down right), and when they aren’t relying on gross-out humor or trying too hard to appeal to then-modern audiences, some of the bits feel authentically Stooge-like. I agree with you that it comes off as pretty average was probably never going to be that successful, but I still give the Farrellys credit for at least trying to be respectful in paying homage to the trio.

      1. I won’t lie, though – I kind of would be interested to see a “new” Marx Brothers film. Not one with actors pretending to be Chico, Harpo and Groucho, but more like “Brain Donors” where they play characters inspired by the trio.

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