(James sighs and holds his head before picking it up) You know, as I watched this movie, I thought to myself is this the hopelessness Joel and The Bots felt whilst watching “Castle Of Fu Manchu”, the belief that we all pay a past life’s dues for every crime we suffer the same way Siskel & Ebert felt whilst watching “Frozen Assets”, the same feeling of loss of life Siskel & Ebert felt as they watched “She’s Out Of Control”. Maybe it’s the past few years just catching up with me of all the losses I’ve suffered just hitting me all at once, maybe it’s…it’s…OH, WHAT’S THE USE? WHY AM I WATCHING THIS? WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF! (James breaks down into tears)

What could cause me to break down and cry? What has David Hasselhoff & Allison Pregler caused that gave me a meltdown? Find out here

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