Hi Alex, How have you been? (Cut to Julia Alexa Miller.)

Julia Alexa Miller:
Between listening to S Club 7 as you clean, the thudding of your feet, and having to hear Chad complaining about you breathing, let alone living, I can barely get any work done! It is pissing me off! (Cut to James as he jumps over the couch.)

I’m sorry, look, I’ve been trying to crack through that hard head but he and I have that in common, however, I think he has more pleasure in tormenting me than he does, whatever he does in the office next to mine. Seriously it took me three times longer to get my Top ten on the “Fast and Furious” because I had to hear him banging and making so much noise. Why did you give him the office next to mine? (Cut to Julia Alexa Miller)

Julia Alexa Miller:
It was the only way to placate him. I just think the rest of the team needs to return to balance out both your alpha male egos. Look, try to relax, watch and enjoy something. (Julia Alexa Miller kisses James on the cheek. Cut to James as he gets ready to pop in “Seeing Double” in his player and James hits the play button as Static appears and Mathew “Film Brain” Buck pops in and says “Hi James!” Cut to James as he just sat down on the couch.)

Mathew. (Cut to Mathew “Film Brain” Buck)

Mathew “Film Brain” Buck:
Oh come on, can’t you just stick with what I came up with? (Mathew pulls out the script) “James pops in “Seeing Double” the movie from the S Club.” (A movie I knew got a theatrical release but never saw) “Mathew (That’s me) comes in ready to torment James for not being able to review the god awful movie “Fishtales” starring Billy Zane with James and having been unable to stop James from reviewing “Spice World” The Movie”. (Mathew puts script down) It’s not that hard to follow an idea I came up with. (Cut to James on the couch)

Mathew, I’m busy. Why don’t you pester Allison or Linkara or anyone else? (Static appears as it cuts to Todd In The Shadows at his electronic keyboard)

Todd In The Shadows:

What do Mathew “Film Brain” Buck and Todd In The Shadows have in store for me? Find Out here

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