8 thoughts on “James Talks DVDs – Friday the 13th, part 7: The New Blood

  1. Love part 7, myself. Reminds me in some ways of Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris… though in that, the psychic girl was the antagonist and the monster she bonded with was pretty damn evil… also, giant monster movie. Okay so maybe it’s not the best comparison, but yeah I’d say part 7 mixed things up in a way that really felt interesting, without being so far gone as to be unrecognizable ala Jason Goes to Hell. (I still believe Jason X feels more like a “proper” FT13th movie than that)

    1. I haven’t gotten through all the FT13th movies yet (never seen 2 or 3), but Jason goes to Hell is easily at the bottom for me. I remember seeing that in the theater and thinking, “Wait, he’s a body hopping slug monster? So is that how he’s stayed alive, every time he gets killed the slug hops to a new body? If that’s true then why has he always looked like Jason? And how come at the end he turns back into mutant head Jason? SO MANY QUESTIONS!” Jason X is dumb but it definitely feels more of a proper Jason movie than Jason Goes to Hell.

      1. 2 is a classic, in both good and bad ways. It introduces Jason, kills off beloved characters in unceremonious ways, and starts the “meat” of FT13th, leaving part 1 feeling almost like a prequel that was actually done before the “real” series began.
        3 gave us the mask, but… it was also the 3D one, and the one and only thing they did with the whole movie was “hey, it’s in 3D, right? Let’s throw things into the camera!” ..not particularly good cinematography, in my opinion.

          1. I think it needed to go that way. Friday the 13th was never anything more than a Halloween ripoff. Making Jason an actual supernatural being made him finally stand out apart from Michael Myres.

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