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Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and back to Villains Profile and today, we turn our attention to the most ferocious of fashionistas. If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.  Cruella De Vil. As always, we will be looking at  Voice Actress, Entrance, Personality, Villain Song Grand Desire,  Lackeys, Most Evil Deed, Demise, and finally, Is Cruella De Vil A Good Villain?.  With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Voice Actress
Betty Lou Gerson
It’s interesting but I never paid much attention to Cruella’s voice actress.  And I remember the night before I watched the movie, mraspriningactor shared Betty Lou Gerson’s Wikipedia page on Facebook and was a bit shocked to see that this was the voice of Cruella.  I can see that as she doesn’t fit the image  but that is the beauty of voice acting.   And Gerson as Cruella just delivers a loud, over-the-top performance that is truly delightful.
The first thing we see of Cruella isn’t actually the diva but rather her iconic car.
Now I didn’t know where else to talk about this  other than here but the car is such an iconic part of Cruella that you have to talk about it, when you talk about her.  This car just so fits her and when you see it,  you know that Cruella is proud and boastful and has a taste for the finer things in life. Another thing that you notice with Cruella throughout the movie is that she’s a terrible driver.  I wonder if that ties into her being a terrible person.  And when we finally see Cruella  enter The Radcliffe home, she does not disappoint.
Seriously,  her interaction with Anita and Roger is just delightful. In this one moment,  she  gets across how over the top she is.  She has a care for nothing but herself and her one true love, furs.  You know that when she enters the room,  she will command attention and you cannot look away.  It’s fascinating because of how hilarious she is.  Watching the movie,  it’s  almost like watching a trainwreck waiting to happen.  Because you know with how big she acts, she will fall.


This is what I love Cruella.  She has one of the best personalities of a Disney villain.  She is big, loud, obnoxious and over the top and I love every second of it.  She is just over the top and I love every minute, when she’s on screen as it is just a joy to watch.  Cruella is often cited as one of Disney’s funniest villains and she certainly lives up to that title but besides being absolutely hilarious,  she is also quite threatening.  Cruella is one of those villains that is a perfect balance between comedy and threatening.
Villain Song

Now,  we come to  one of the best villain songs  from a Disney movie in my opinion and a unique one in that this is one of a handful villain songs that is not sung by the villain.  While this was not the first time that Disney had done this, this is perhaps the most well known version of that type of song.  And  it is a joy to listen to as it sums up everything that Cruella is.
Grand Desire
Well, this is kinda obvious as she states it many times throughout the movie.  She wants to use the puppies to a fur coat. Dang lady, that is evil.
Horace & Jasper
These two are a lot of fun and fit in perfectly with the type of people, you’d expect to work for Cruella.  Horace & Jasper are just bumbling fools that perfectly work within the world that this movie has set up and they are quite a joy to watch.   Just like Cruella, they are so funny but so hateable.   I mean they still puppies.  And they easily have one of my favorite moments  seeing them in Hell Hall watching “What’s My Crime?”  That entire sequence  with them in Hell Hall is enjoyable.
Most Evil Deed
SHE STOLE PUPPIES!  Could  I make it any more clear that is her most evil deed.  Only someone with no heart  would  take  this cute little creature away from it’s parents.
Lucky’s my favorite puppy
It doesn’t get more heartless than that.    She stole puppies.   That is cold hearted.  I don’t even own a dog and I use to be scared of big dogs but  stealing puppies erases all that.  To make a fur coat out of them, There is something not right in her head.
Cruella’s demise is a bit weird as  she has less of one than Hans did.   After a long chase to get the puppies back, her car which has been torn to shreds crashes in the snowy hills and  she is just told to shut up by Jasper.   Though you gotta love how psycho, she goes during this chase throwing all caution to the wind.
That is the thing of nightmares right there.   Now,  it’s odd that Cruella didn’t really have any comeuppance.    It wasn’t until the ’96 remake where Cruella finally got her due as she was arrested for her theft.
But in the animated movie, she gets off free. I do wonder if anyone ever found out about what she did.
Is Cruella De Vil A Good Villain?
Yes! Absolutely, I love Cruella.  Re watching this movie showed me how much of a highlight she is this movie.  She is easily the standout character and everytime, she is onscreen is a delight as she finds the right balance between menacing and humorous.   She is one of the funniest Disney villains out there and perhaps one of the best as well.   And I think she has gone up a few notches as one of my favorites after re watching 101 Dalmatians.

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  1. Indeed, Cruella de Vil is one of the great classic Disney villains, and deserves her iconic status.

    As for the song, TV Tropes (and its forks All The Tropes and The True Tropes) refer to songs of that type as “The Villain Sucks” Song – a song sung about the villain by other characters, explaining why the villain sucks. Another Disney example would be from their animated Robin Hood, where they sing about who they believe to be ‘The Phony King of England’.
    Of course, ‘You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch’ is probably the best known song of that type, with ‘Cruella de Vil’ being a close second.

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