Pictured here is the flag that is used for bisexual pride.




It is rather odd to say but sometimes it feels as though the B is often forgotten in LGBTQ.  This video is a good primer of what it sometimes feels like to be a Bi person.



I bring this up as the reasoning is twofold.  First, being that I am bisexual and while I haven’t heard this stuff, I know how annoying it is and it also aligns with today’s character. Jackie Lynn Thomas from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.  Now Star Vs.  has always been one of the more LGTBQ friendly shows from Disney.  And that is in large part to the control that Daron Nefcy was provided over the show.  There were hints that lead character that Star Butterfly is bisexual but I couldn’t find any confirmation on that but it does seem obvious and the show did also feature a same-sex kiss



By which btw that was the first same-sex kiss in any piece of Disney media.  Now as for Jackie,  she had an interesting trajectory as she started as the crush of Star’s friend/future boyfriend Marco Diaz.  They eventually become a couple and it was nice to see at first but there was always the feeling that things weren’t going to work out.





To be fair, it is really on Marco as interplanetary travel will do a number on any relationship.  Still, they were a cute couple while they lasted.  This brings us to season 4 and the episode, Britta’s Tacos.  This episode came during the show’s final season and it was a way of saying goodbye to the characters on Earth. It’s honestly better than the actual finale.


One of the biggest parts of this episode is Marco stressing over whether or not, he was a good boyfriend to Jackie.  We find out from other characters that Jackie moved to France.   So,  it seems like Marco is stressing about nothing until the very end of the episode when Jackie shows up again and gives Marco two punches.  It’s a joke about he needs two hole punches for a prize from the taco place that this episode is set at.



This is where we learn that Jackie learned a lot about herself and did some self-discovery while there.  Part of which involved meeting Chloe who had been showing her around France.  Well, Jackie decided to bring Chloe to California to show her around and there are the obvious signs of them being a couple there.  Such as the very last shot showing them holding hands.  Yeah, this may seem small but hand-holding is one of the biggest signifiers of a couple in media.




It’s not overtly stated but it’s there but it can be seen and it was sweet.   Plus as I said, it’s great seeing bi rep on tv.  Join me next time as we look at one of the most important in LGTBQ history for Disney as we observe the first moment of the character of Cyrus on Andi Mack coming out.






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