Last year I was suicidal and hospitalized for almost two weeks. My plan was to stay there until they let me out and try again. One day a nurse brought his guitar and started playing Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell. I had owned and loved the album for years at that point, but it took on a completely different meaning to me in that moment. I broke down crying and couldn’t stop. All I could think was my wife and how she was the only thing I had in this world I was still fighting for. A lot of people have songs that changed their life, but this song saved mine. I swore then and there I would never put her through the hell I had caused her ever again. It’s been a long hard road, but I’m in a better place now. It’s strange and wonderful what music does, how a person I’ll likely never meet or talk to is the reason I’m still here today. Any time things get hard, I go back to this song and this moment.

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