TLOTA (Voiceover):
In 1991, with Mystery Science Theater 3000 gaining in Popularity with the newly minted Comedy Central. The network came up with the idea to run a marathon of the show which included their bad movies or “Turkeys” as they’re more commonly known on Thanksgiving day and it proved to be a success. The Tradition survived throughout the Comedy Central Era and when it went to what is now SYFY they did it once and then never again. It was thankfully revived in it’s current iteration and I am so glad because it allows those who haven’t seen the series to dive head first into the franchise and get first hand knowledge of the show. (Cut to James Physically)

And today, I’m counting down ten of my favorite moments of The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon. While Spoilers aren’t necessary for me to give out, it’s a Countdown on a series of Marathons. So get yourself a slice of Turkey with all the trimmings and a copy of the MST3K episode of “Attack Of The Eye Creatures”. These are the Top 10 MST3K Turkey Day Marathons

Which Turkey Day Marathons are the best from the Satellite Of Love? Find out here

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