TLOTA (Voiceover):
Born from one of the abandoned plot ideas from “Superman III”, Directed by the man that brought us “Jaws 2” and starring actors and actresses who are WAY better than this, “Supergirl” is a cheese filled…

KiraKennedy (Voiceover):
Wait a second… (Cut to James and KiraKennedy physically)

This movie started out as an abandoned plot of “Superman III”? The one that had Richard Pryor in his comedic worst?

Yeah, let’s just go through this. 1978, “Superman: The Movie” was released and began a renaissance in Superman after fifteen years of being a punchline or at best dumping grounds for Fire Island/ San Francisco Jokes on “Superfriends” were it not for network sensors. “Superman II” was re-filmed because Richard Donner got the boot and “Superman III” had about at least fifty ideas that Warner Brothers rejected and one of them was that Supergirl was to be introduced as was Brainiac and there was going to be a love triangle between them.

Uh who was the guy who came up with that idea?

Can KiraKennedy and I find out where this Super Turkey came from? Find out here

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