(Scene starts in the shadows of flames as soundalike of “Arabian Nights” plays in the foreground and the smoke spells out “The Last Of The Americans’ Sixth Anniversary Special” before it disappears then spells “Aladdin” before the sands blow over and it cuts to a dessert as a man on a camel travels from left to right)

The Man on the Camel (Singing):
Oh I come to a land to a faraway place where crazy happens every hour of more! Where enchantment runs wild and the magic is free, it’s not normal but hey it’s home! When the winds of the east and the sun is in the west and sand in glass is right, come on down stop on by hop on a horse and come by to an amazing Arabian night! Arabian Niiiiiights, like Arabian daaaaays are more often than not so hotter than hot in so many ways! Arabian Niiiiiiights like Arabian Moons, the fool off his guard can fall off so hard and be one with the dunes! (The Man on the Camel played by Chris Lee Moore comes off)

The Man on The Camel (Played by Chris Lee Moore):
Ah Salaam and welcome please come close! (The Camera comes mere fractions of an inch before stopping) Good point to stop there. Welcome to Aragrabah! City of mystery, of enchantment and the finest wares to be on sale this side of the Dead Sea on sale right now! Combination Hookah and Coffee maker and cannot break (The Man On The Camel taps it with his hand and it breaks on impact.) Well I’ll be a flaming goats’ patoot, It broke! (The Camera walks away.) Wait don’t go! I was hoping to wait until I was desperate, but this lamp and this key may look common but these two changed the lives of so many including a hero who thinks he is not! This tale begins on a dark night where a dark man waits in the desert with a dark purpose.

Join me and the woman I love as we tour the city of Aragrabah and help discover why the 1992 Animated movie is better than the live action movie here

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