I’m James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans and the views I’m about to express are that of my own & some of yours and Welcome to another edition of “In Defense Of…”(Show pics of maligned pieces of pop culture while the fanfare from the Olympics play and James comes up after Vanilla Ice slides back and his right-hand thumbs up and the words “In Defense Of…” before cutting to the Intro of “The Man Show” during Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla’s Tenure then clips of “The Man Show” as James does a voiceover.)

Ah Yes, The Man Show fitting as by the time this is posted it’ll be Valentine’s Day a day for men who are single to complain the most, drink the most, and curse the most at women, and nowadays when being a man has started to go the way of the Dodo again, we need something like this again. But to understand the hows and whys this show was a success and why it needs to come back we need to figure out why it was a success, why it did as well as it did and why it needs to be defended from a culture that has become to pussified. (Cut to James physically)

So let’s grab a beer, drop your pants, send the wife and kids to France, Quit your job, Light a fart, Yank your favorite Private Part, Be at a place where men can come together, look at the cans on a girl named Heather, Watch Bouncy Girls on Trampolines and loosen your Blue Jeans because it’s time for “The Man Show”!

It’s time to defend being a man! Join me here

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4 thoughts on “In Defense Of… “THE MAN SHOW”

  1. I used to live in Long Beach, California. Once, when I was out for a stroll with my baby daughter, this guy says, “Aw, what a cute baby.” I looked over and it was Adam Carolla. Freaked me the hell out!

  2. I find it interesting that Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel both diverged significantly in their political ideologies following their time on The Man Show, and yet while one went further left and one went further right, both remain insufferable douchebags.

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