I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. Can you believe that 25 years ago on August 28th 1993 I saw that preview episode that changed the way Superhero teams and Superhero shows could be done? (Cut to 25 years worth of Power Rangers as James does a voice over)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mixed Sentai Footage and fresh American Footage of teens and young adults portraying the multi-colored morph suited superheroes incognito. The seasons varied in quality of the series between production teams from the heights of the Saban Era post the Mighty Morphin era with “Power Rangers Zeo” all the way through “Power Rangers Time Force” to the bipolarity of the Disney Era when the best seasons they had were “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”, “Power Rangers SPD”, “Power Rangers Mystic Force” & “Power Rangers: RPM” and the worst being “Power Rangers Operation Overdrive” and to lesser extents “Power Rangers: Wild Force” & “Power Rangers: Jungle Fury” to the way too out there of the short lived Neo-Saban Era which included “Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai”, “Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce”, “Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge” and it’s last series “Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel” which has me wondering what will happen in the Hasbro era. (Cut to James physically)

TLOTA:And even crazier in quality of the few anniversary crossovers. (Cut to clips of “Forever Red”, “Once A Ranger” & “Legendary Battle” as James does voiceovers)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
“Forever Red” is considered the pinnacle of these crossovers not because of the action. That was just a small part of it. The episode promised us all the Red Rangers with the only two red ranger actors not being in there was Steve Cardenas who I met at the Hudson Valley Comic-Con back in April of this year who was in the middle of moving to a new place and didn’t apprise the higher-ups of his new address and phone number and David Bacon the actor for the Red Alien Ranger Aurico. What made the episode awesome was a sense of all these Red Rangers coming together to stop a remnant threat that had it not been stopped then and there would’ve been a threat though the ending of it being Cole putting the Kibosh on Serpentera and the fact that writer Amit Bhaumik used his fan-fic “Scorpion Reign” as a part of canonicity which took a friend of mine out of enjoying it. Then there is “Once A Ranger” This one just sucked. Between the veteran team and the non existent time between them and the Operation Overdrive Rangers, though admittedly the less time around Dax and the other Operation Overdrive Rangers may have kept the Veterans from killing the Operation Overdrive Rangers and taking the Operation Overdrive powers from them. Then there’s “Legendary Battle” and this was the main reaction that the fans had when they looked at it (Cut to Clip of Tom Servo, Joel Robinson and Crow in the MST3K episode “Attack Of The Eye Creatures” as they shout “THEY JUST DIDN’T CARE!” before cutting to James)

And now as the 25th anniversary has come now we find ourselves with a special that just… you know it’s been a month and I still don’t know what to think of it!

Where will this Power Rangers team up end up? As awesome as “Forever Red” or will it make me pine for “Once A Ranger” or “Legendary Battle”? Find out here

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