I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. Around this time last year, I was eyeball deep into two shows about mermaids, the island they call their home and enough to deal with from both series that I nearly drowned working on a Summer Retrospective for both of them! (Cut to opening credit of “H2O: Just Add Water” & “Mako Mermaids” before cutting to clips of both series as James does a voiceover.)

“H2O: Just Add Water” & it’s sequel series “Mako Mermaids” for the most part both series were entertaining. A lot of the episodes were good for the most part, the stories were engaging for the most part, the characters were well developed for the most part, and it is enjoyable for the most part. (Cut to James physically)

Yeah, might as well get to what made everything go south in both franchises, the last season of “Mako Mermaids”. (Cut to clips of the last season of Mako Mermaids as James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
Acting wise everything was fine and while there were moments where characters didn’t act sane or for that matter there was one character that drove me out of my marbles, Weilan played by Linda Ngo! In one of her first scenes in the first episode of the last season is that of her taking a selfie of her and Poseidon in Rita’s Grotto and a few scenes later she has to talk seriously about a dragon that killed an entire pod of mermaids and I am supposed to take her seriously? HA! Try picking up the Titanic with Tweezers! Then came the moments that caused a character’s development to come to a crash. I am of course talking about Evie’s Screwjob in the mid-point of this season! They had tried to correct it in the follow-up episode but failed to do so properly eventually causing the character of Evie played by Gemma Forsyth to just to give up and that derailment sent me over the top then came the two part finale after mainly a season of missteps, filler episodes and a storyline which was meant to be the main one but got pushed aside for stupidity I thought they’d fix all the problems but it didn’t. In the two part finale, Rikki Chadwick played by Cariba Heine returns as an explorer that finds treasure. One piece that comes to the attention is the Bracelet of the Jiao Long Dragon. They quickly and correctly assume that Rikki is in fact a mermaid who like Evie got her powers from the moon pool. While it was nice to know that in the second half of this two-parter that she was able to say that yes “Mako Mermaids” & “H2O: Just Add Water” were in the same continuous universe it also opened up a whopper of a plot hole, possibly bigger than the one that was outside of Jupiter a few years back and that season ended not with a bang, whimper, shrug or even a Pfft, this season ended with one dying gasp as Rikki is invited to the pod by Weilan, Mimmi and Ondina, Evie’s Screwjob is never rectified, Zac, Mimmi and Nerissa who was transformed into the Dragon that destroyed Weilan’s pod and is Zac’s biological mom and Mimmi’s mom so do the math is restored and the three go on a trip to reconnect and we find out that everything that went wrong in this season was all because of BLIND, STINKING, SIMPLE, DOO-DAH, CLUELESSLY BAD LUCK! I refer everyone to Linkara and his complete mental breakdown in his 500th episode. (Cut to clip of Linkara’s Mental Breakdown in the 500th episode of “Atop The Fourth Wall” before cutting to James physically)

Yeah, I went off about as much as Linkara did in that case and it was justified.

(Cut to clips of the last season of Mako Mermaids as James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover):

Because quite honestly this season was so bad I came up with an entire section in my retrospective entitled “How I would’ve written it” which shows how I would’ve done both series properly, in my opinion. But since what did happen in that last season was so bad. Jonathan Shiff announced that a movie was going to happen. It was also around that time that a new children’s network “Universal Kids” came to be and they’ve picked up “Mako Mermaids” after Disney decided for some unknown reason not to show seasons 2 & 3 and please note like in the retrospective I only see season 2 as it is known on the Mako Mermaids Wikipedia page which is 26 episodes for season 2 and not the first half of the season which is how Netflix here in the states and the second half as season 3 and with season 3 being season 4 here in the States. But I digress, I had hoped this movie would happen soon to quickly satiate fans. One day I looked in the Guide section of my cable box and I saw a ninety minute section with the title “Mako Mermaids” and I thought this was going to be the movie Shiff promised aaaand…

What does this movie if it comes out need to succeed? Find out here

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