(Scene starts as James straps on snowboarding gear and snowboarding down a mountain before cutting to John Santos, Mike Santos, Eric Kurtzke as they do curling Paulo Fonseca, Nick Yaun, Andrew Beach and Ed Champion as they hit the ice in Team USA Hockey gear before seeing Renee Miller and Rebecca Yaun in a two-person Bobsled careening through the course before seeing Olivia Horvath and Brenda Fonseca team up in pair of choreographed ice skating as they do a matching flying triple salchow and land next to everyone on top of the Olympic Podium as they all raise their Gold Medals before the raising of the American flag is seen and as the flag waves the words “Live To Win-Ter” is seen as 2:20-3:09 of “Live To Win” by Paul Stanley plays in the foreground before cutting to James in his office.)
I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. With the Winter Olympics around the bend I figured it’d be a good thing to toss my hand into the Olympic Arena and talk about some Olympic Sports movies. (Cut to clips of different Olympic Sports Movies as James does a voiceover)
TLOTA (Voiceover):
You know those movies with the tales of either Underdogs facing insurmountable odds or the champions trying to regain one last glimpse of glory at the grandest sports event of the Winter every four years which is half way through the Presidential term so for those fearing how much longer Trump will be in office just another two years everyone! But I digress, For the next three months I will be talking about some stories featuring characters winning or coming close to winning the Gold and most of these movies though based on real life events that happened at the Winter Olympics will be judged as movies NOT as how the stories went in real life.

How do I start off my salute to the Winter Olympics? With this Miracle here

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