But one special on my list surprised people because they had barely heard of the people in the special. (Cut to clips of the Shows starring and Music Videos of S Club 7 as James does a voiceover and “S Club Party” plays in the foreground)
TLOTA (Voiceover):
For the 95% of the people here in the states who missed the music of the late 1990’s and Early 2000’s there was a flood of pop music and one band that were underdogs who clawed tooth and nail to be as recognized as equals was a pop group known as the S Club 7. Their music was catchy and looking back they deserved to top the charts when Backstreet, Britney and NSYNC were topping the Billboard Charts plus the members had talent. There was Tina Barrett the best dancer and in my opinion, was one of the best vocalists in the band. Next up Hannah Spearitt she was the little spunky one that had boys becoming men and men fighting for her. Then there was Rachel Stevens the fashion plate and the second most used female vocalist in the band. Finally, the most used vocalist in the female equation of the band Jo O’Meara. She was the one who was tough as nails if you got on her bad side but there were moments where her sillier nature shined through. On the male side of the equation we have Bradley McIntosh basically the goofball and lovable lunkhead of the group and he was the primary male vocalist for the band. Next on the male side is Paul Cattermole he’s the guy that the ladies flocked to get away from but he’s a decent singer and his footwork is fine and the final member of the group Jon Lee he’s the guy that you think would attract the ladies and the guys if he didn’t act so stupid at times, though after the band split he came out and that’s fine all hope and positive power to him. While internationally they were successful musically, State side they couldn’t catch a break even if they had cut proof gloves to grab the shards. While the TV Series they did lasted four seasons the albums sold about as much as Brian Austin Green’s album. In 2003 the S Club 7 called it quits. But not before reaching number 10 on the Pop Singles charts here in a Pre-9/11 Stateside with “Never Had A Dream Come True”. Why am I giving you all this backstory? (Cut to James physically)
So that way you’ll have a better understanding why their Christmas Special wound up in the number four spot in my list of 12 little known Christmas Specials

Is this as bad as that Star Wars Holiday Special or is it much better than we give it credit for? Find out here

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