TLOTA (Voiceover):
And to be honest shows like this RARELY work. Sometimes it’s either just too unknown to newer audiences, it can’t escape the legacy of the original or sometimes everything that worked in the original misses the mark with newer audiences or the show themselves shoot themselves in the foot by insulting and attacking what made the original series work in the first place. But when these sequels series, spin off Series or reboots fail, let’s just say I sometimes wait for online reviewers to go after these shows to remind me what I liked about the original series. But with Hollywood and TV becoming more and more desperate to stay relevant, they are willing to reboot ANY show they can to revive the Nostalgia of shows from yesteryears! But back when I was younger, some series didn’t even wait for the first series was over and left to stay in Syndication Purgatory for networks to reboot series. (Cut to James in his office.)
Case in point, “Saved By The Bell”!

Before this recent reiteration of the series find out how Saved By The Bell was being milked for all it was worth back in the day

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