Here is our “review” of the infamous Resident Evil: Afterlife. It’s really hard to explain Script Meeting but give us a shot, we hope you like what you see! Ok so it’s not that infamous but hey, are any of us really? Join us for our take on the Script Meeting that was Resident Evil: Afterlife! Special thanks to James Daniel Walsh for his scary rendition of “The Boss” Also be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications as our Christmas Resident evil gets Scrooged special will be out December 24th at 6 am Central. See you there!!

By 2 Guys Who Watch Movies

Description We are two guys (Robert James and Scott Karr) , AND we watch movies. Lots of movies. Good Movies. Bad Movies, ALL movies. And then with no hallucinogenic anything whatsoever (except caffeine... there is ALWAYS caffeine) we try to imagine the first meeting between writer and studio. Past the pitch meeting this is the first time the studio starts screwing thing up during the first Script meeting.

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