TLOTA: I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and those of the people I consider my friends, colleagues, comrades in arms, partners and most importantly people I call Blood Brothers & Soul Sisters. Around this time last year I was made aware of something that I was partly aware of. When I do a review, I am aware I will be in the crosshairs of the people who worked on the movie or series whether they be the directors, the writers, the producers, the actors, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WORKED ON THE SUBJECT OF EITHER MY VENOM OR PRAISE! But here’s the thing the subject of my review I always try to be as fair as I can towards the subject of my review especially when certain things or performances in the movie are involved. No matter how bad or good the subject of my review! But when a moviemaker attacks the reviewer are different than what the person who made the movie and decides to go so far as to cause the reviewer to no longer be able to do a review that is an attack on freedom of speech as well as the livelihood of not just the one reviewer but ALL OF US! So what did we do, we made a hashtag that stands for “Where’s The Fair Use?” and while a lot of us in the Internet Reviewerverse, myself included were realistic in our beliefs of what would happen, some people thought once this hashtag trended it would make news, it would let Hollywood know that we’re here to stay, it would tell those in Washington DC that we had rights, that in some way it would legitimize us as a Viable source of thoughts on the world. Well let me say this, a trend on the internet lasts (Snaps fingers) that long if at all! And since it has been a year since the “Where’s The Fair Use?” hashtag happened has anything that happened that the dreamers thought would have happened?

What happened after the “WTFU” revolution? Find out here

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