Resident Evil Apocalypse , you know the next one in the series!! We painfully recreate the first script meeting, and one of us completely breaks down! Major Spoilers you have been warned!!

By 2 Guys Who Watch Movies

Description We are two guys (Robert James and Scott Karr) , AND we watch movies. Lots of movies. Good Movies. Bad Movies, ALL movies. And then with no hallucinogenic anything whatsoever (except caffeine... there is ALWAYS caffeine) we try to imagine the first meeting between writer and studio. Past the pitch meeting this is the first time the studio starts screwing thing up during the first Script meeting.

2 thoughts on “The Fall of Resident Evil Continues with Resident Evil Apocalypse – The Script Meeting”
    1. Absolutely! It was really hard to write the script for this episode. We’re pretty sure in the actual Script meeting all the first drafts of the Script were placed on the table upside down and used to snort long lines of some type of illegal substance….

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