My name is James Faraci and I am an Internet Reviewer and no, I’m not doing this as “The Last Of The Americans”. I am doing this as myself because it NEEDS to be done this way. Earlier this year a movie came out that DARED to call itself “Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice” and while the Extended cut is slightly better the fact is it split the Critics & the fans. However I found five things that I disliked and things I did like in the movie.

What could make me break character to rip “Superman V Batman: Dawn Of Justice” find out here.

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2 thoughts on “The five dislikes & likes of “Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice”

  1. That blog is from July 2016, and a lot has changed since then. We’ve since had a much more highly thought of Wonder Woman movie, along with some other post-Snyder DC movies that are better received.

    But yes, if they marketed this as a ‘a Superman movie for people who HATE Superman’, it would have been honest marketing. The makers of this movie just didn’t get Superman, and don’t understand the appeal of him at all. I think basically the core of Superman’s character is that he has all these extraordinary powers, yet he chooses to use those powers to benefit not just himself, but the people around him. Characters like General Zod exist to show what a less altruistic person would do with the exact same powers.

    The classic Christopher Reeve movies had their flaws (and I’ve written about them several times), but they understood the core of Superman’s character. The Snyder films, sadly, do not.

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