I can’t believe it but after three years, I’ve reached the end of A Dash of Awesome. This retrospective is a bit different than the first three that I’ve done. This is the first one that I’ve done where I have been able to review every single episode of the character that was featured in this retrospective. This is exciting but I do wish that there was a bit of a stronger episode to go out on. This isn’t a bad episode but considering the era that we are currently living through, one of the messages of this episode has been tainted.
This episode says that we should listen to both sides and that there is more than one side to the story.  Normally, I would have agreed with that but considering our outgoing President has used the term Both Sides to defend White Supermaicists, it’s a little harder to say that we should listen to both sides when we have seen so many on that side have made even MLP villains seem reasonable.  It’s not hard to see why a show aimed at children would want to send a message of we shouldn’t judge people without knowing their side of the story but after everything we’ve lived through, the message doesn’t sit as well.
And the worst part is that this all comes at the expense of Fluttershy, my favorite character. My girl had to be put in a position where I can’t defend her.

The Plot
A new author has come out and released a new book that has marred the image of AK Yearling. It’s Cabellron. Let’s just get that out of the way now.  He claims to be misunderstood and no one has asked him what his side of the story is. Okay, I get what the show is doing but it comes a bit late as at least three times before this, we’d see him try to harm and hurt Daring Do and the Mane Six.  So yeah, I get the idea but it doesn’t work.


Flutters buys into what the doctor is selling and goes with him.  Which ties into a line from the beginning of the episode that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Don’t you think you should read Martingale’s book first? Just to hear both sides of the story?

Again, I get the idea of what the show is trying to say but I don’t think it exactly works. It’s not a bad message but I can’t get past how much the idea of both sides has been tainted over the years and that for me kind of ruins the message of the episode.  This causes Yearling’s fans to quickly to turn on her and well things go from bad to worse for her. Always seems to be the case for her.  The doctor uses Fluttershy to get the newest artifact, a truth talisman. He is using Fluttershy as only a pegasus can touch the artifact. This is the case at first but the doctor does truly come to care for Fluttershy. Meanwhile,  Daring Do and Fluttershy are going to save her.

Even though, she doesn’t exactly need saving. And this is where we come across Ahuizotl, who ties Daring Do and Fluttershy up in vines to try and stop them.  They get to the truth talisman and this is where we find out the truth of what has been going on and the doctor was just going to sell it and that Daring Do thought she was protecting it.  As seen here.



Ahuizotl: Well… the thing is, I’m in charge of protecting this jungle. If another artifact goes missing on my watch, I’m going to be in so much trouble with the other guardian creatures. 

Fluttershy: Awww. That sounds like a lot of responsibility.
Ahuizotl: [stammers] It is! And those two have taken so many relics from my land, my job is on the line! So… maybe I am a little violent and ferocious. Can you blame me? [blows nose]

Again, I get the idea and I think it’s better presented here and Daring Do and  Caballeron promise to never steal another artifact that is protected by him again and instead release a book co-authored by the two of them about their latest adventure.  It’s upstaged a new author though being Ahuizotl.

This episode is just okay and if it had come at a different point in history, I’d probably be more okay with the message of the episode as it is, it doesn’t sit right with me.


Rainbow Dash voiced by Ashleigh Ball


I think this episode wanted to show that Rainbow was in the wrong for being wary of this new book but I think she was right considering the history that they have had with Caballeron. Yes, I get things aren’t always black and white but perhaps if they had just used a phrase other than both sides, this episode could have worked better.

Fluttershy voiced by Andrea Libman


Episode, why are you making me do this? Why are you making me say bad things about Fluttershy? I don’t like this.  Again, I get the idea but I don’t think it works one-hundred percent. And after everything we’ve been through, it just feels off. Fluttershy is the right pony to use for this message as she is willing to understand what everyone has to say. But that is ignoring the part where sometimes you can’t reason with people and I question giving them the benefit of doubt when they have actively tried to harm your oldest friend.  Fluttershy girly, I love you but it doesn’t sit right with me that you are taking this side over the side of Rainbow Dash, who you have known since you were both fillies.

Daring Do voiced by Chiara Zanni & Doctor Caballeron voiced by Michael Dobson



It’s actually a little annoying now that the last two Daring Do episodes have dealt with her reputation being ruined by Caballeron and now this episode wants us to hear his side of the story and understand why he is doing the things that he is because he’s misunderstood. No, that doesn’t work. Yes, I know MLP love redeeming its villains but that difference is with the other villains whether it be Sunset, Tempest Shadow or Discord is that those redemptions felt earned.  And at least with Sunset and Discord, there was time to develop the redeemed versions of those characters, that wasn’t able to happen here as this was his last appearance. It doesn’t work because he’s redeemed in this episode and then never seen again.

My Final Thoughts

I really wish this wasn’t the Rainbow Dash episode of the series because I just don’t think the message works. I get what it’s trying to say but it doesn’t sit right with how they are saying it.  It’s a shame that this character retrospective has to end on this episode. Ah well, another one for the books.  We are closer to finishing up the character retrospectives for the Mane Six. Speaking of I don’t know when it’ll start but I can tell you that the next character retrospective will be The Core Truth, where I look at every Applejack episode.


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