Of all the characters to return to the show, the one I expected least to return was Quibble Pants. However, this episode hits a little differently as not only is Patton Oswalt in this episode but he is acting alongside his family including his wife, Meredith Salinger, and his daughter, Alice. There is a reason for this as the episode deals with Oswalt’s character wanting to be accepted by the character played by his daughter. The basis for this episode is pulled from Oswalt’s real-life as noted here.

Quibble Pants is interested in having a relationship with another mare who had been married but either left her husband or became a widow (it’s never indicated which, although it should be noted that all references to Wind Sprint’s father, both professionally and personally, are in the past tense, making it much more likely that she’s a widow), and who has effective custody of her daughter. In real life, Oswalt had his daughter, Alice, with his first wife, Michelle McNamara, who died 11 years after their marriage. Oswalt married Meredith Salenger a year later. This similar relationship led the show to seek out Meredith and Alice to voice Quibble’s new mare friend and her daughter

Knowing the story behind why this episode exists is almost more important than the story of the episode itself. When looking at it through this lens, I find the episode rather interesting to talk about.

The Plot
Buckball has gained popularity with a new stadium and museum being built with the Ponyville team being the first inductees but that is truly just the set up for the episode as it’s really about connecting as Rainbow Dash discovers that Quibble Pants is there and is shocked to see him. You and me both, Dashie. It turns out he arranged the trip as he wanted to try and connect with the daughter of his new special somepony, but she doesn’t exactly like him.  Though there is a good reason as she thinks that Quibble is trying to replace her father. This isn’t the case but yeah Wind Sprint isn’t exactly open to this new stallion in her mom’s life. How weird do you think it must’ve been for Patton to play opposite is his daughter in a story where she is rejecting him.
Wind Sprint loves Buckball and Dashie tries to help Quibble learn about the sport as she thinks that’ll help including setting up a game. Which doesn’t go well as he ends up scoring a point for the other team. Rainbow after a while realizes that she was the wrong pony to come to for help as if he wanted to get to know Wind Sprint better, she should have asked about her interests and not go too far trying to please her with every little thing.
This is a sweet episode and the why behind it makes it even better.
Wind Sprint, Clear Sky, & Quibble Pants voiced by Alice Oswalt, Meredith Salinger, & Patton Oswalt



I wanted to put these three together as they are a family because they are one in real life and also because that’s the idea in this episode, Quibble wants to be accepted by his new family but he’s going too hard. Clear Sky even points this out but Quibble is determined to do whatever it takes to get the approval of Wind Sprint.  I will say that Alice gave an okay performance and while I do think an actual voice actress would’ve been better with the lines, I get the reasoning behind using Oswalt’s daughter as it helps to make the message of the episode even stronger
Rainbow Dash voiced by Ashleigh Ball


While Rainbow Dash is important in this episode, she’s mostly there for support. Granted, the wrong kind of support as she figures out. She tries using her connection with the Ponyville team but yeah, that goes awry. At least Dash is able to learn her lesson and help Quibble realize that she wasn’t the right pony to come to.
My Final Thoughts
This is a good episode, the why behind this episode’s existence is perhaps even stronger than the episode itself and you can’t look at this episode without knowing the story behind its existence as it just makes the episode even better and helps sends the message of new parents do not need to overdo it when trying to bond.  Join me next time as we look at
2,4, 6, Greaaat



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