Once again I’ve come together with the host of Hot Sauce Done Quick to taste-test some Donald Trump hotsauces, as well as give a quick educational rundown on the WWE career that put him in the Hall of Fame.

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By Jimmy TehFreak

Content creator since 2010 - Jimmy's current project is JOB'd Out, a channel dedicated to Pro Wrestling - both current and nostalgic - for fans and former fans alike. Videos include opinions on the current industry, weird moments in history, legend interviews, and more.

3 thoughts on “There are DONALD TRUMP HOT SAUCES??!”
    1. Haha – no word of a lie – I finished the Trumpty Dumpty sauce quite easily – it had no heat but had the flavor I like in a buffalo sauce so it ended up on wings, chicken burgers, etc. while the Hell Toupee I find works to finish off things like pasta sauce while it’s cooking.

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