One of the most gruesome televised injuries in Pro Wrestling history – here are the circumstances around Sid Vicious and the broken leg he suffered (+ how WCW managed to mishandle it)

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2 thoughts on “The WORST injury in TV Pro Wrestling HISTORY

  1. I remember seeing the ‘Nitro’ where the footage was shown, and yes, it was very disturbing and gruesome. I’d never seen anything like it before. When I saw it, I thought that was it for Sid Vicious’ career — that he’d effectively lost his leg. So I was surprised when years later, I saw him again looking pretty good.
    Anyway, I definitely agree with you that fans should be very careful in how they respond to wrestlers being legitimately injured. Sure, we may have our opinions about a wrestler’s style, their on-air persona, or the organization they work for, but we don’t really want them to be seriously injured.

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