I’ve been wanting to do this review for a couple of years now but I could never work it into my schedule.  I admittedly had to wedge it in and rework the schedule a couple of times but I’m glad that I was able to. This is a nice and simple Halloween special that isn’t scary but still celebrates the season. In many ways, the atmosphere of this special calls to mind something like It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

I’ll be honest and say that it took me a while to become a fan of The Loud House and it truly wasn’t until their Christmas special that I became hooked and now it’s one of my favorite cartoons.


And now it’s one of my favorite cartoons.  With that out the way, let’s take a look at the plot.
The Plot
The plot is admittedly simple as it’s Halloween time and we see how the Louds celebrate and we get to see some fun moments such as pumpkin carving.


We learn that this is Lucy’s favorite holiday whereas their father hates Halloween as he’s afraid of everything. It’s cute but does eventually get played out and there are moments where we see how the kids plan to get as much candy as possible. The twins Lola and Lana have multiple costumes whereas younger sister Lisa is using Baby Lily because people love babies.


It’s cute and it does work as she ends up with 85 pieces of candy whereas our main character, Lincoln, and his best friend Clyde have found a location that gives out full-sized candy bars and decides to trick-or-treat there.  First, they have to stave off obnoxious bullies.  So, they send them to their neighborhood and as happenstance has it, they have British doppelgangers that are going back to the UK in this area, so they pretend to be them and then rip off those suits hiding their Halloween costumes. While they may have had a great Halloween, everyone else did not as well, those two bullies wrecked the neighborhood.
After hearing his sisters explain details of these bullies, Lincoln decides that he needs to get back at the bullies after hearing they have stolen everyone’s candy. And well I don’t want to get into just yet but the way that it works is brilliant.
Lincoln and Clyde lure the bullies to a haunted corn maze that was set up by Lucy and well…
You Got Tricked
Yeah, this musical number is just all kinds of awesome as the Loud Family gets back at the bullies and scares the tar out of them. It’s just so fun as it really gets the audience into the Halloween spirit as I have mentioned before. It’s all just so much fun and is a blast.
Yeah, I mixed it up a bit, and while all the characters are great. I only want to focus on Lincoln and Clyde.
Lincoln and Clyde voiced by Collen Dean & Caleel Harris


While some of the other characters had fun moments, the episode really focused on these two as they snuck off to get the candy they wanted and then tried to right the wrongs of what they did. It was sweet and fun in how they go about getting revenge on the bullies.
My Final Thoughts
Like I said this is a fun episode and one that I suggest checking out and The Loud House isn’t a show where you need to have watched any other episode to understand what’s going on as each episode is pretty standalone. Even with that said, this is still a really great Halloween episode that I strongly recommend.

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