TLOTA (Shouting): I’M JAMES FARACI THE LAST OF THE AMERICANS AND THE VIEWS I’M ABOUT TO EXPRESS ARE THAT OF MY OWN AND SOME OF YOURS! (Hand signals to everyone to wait one moment.) HEY DOC! TURN DOWN THE NOISE! (The Mad Scientist walks over to his MP3 Player to turn down the volume on it.) Sorry, but I was behind the scenes of “GLEE” recently and overheard that the people in charge of the show were working on either another series for Lea Michele or a spinoff for her character Rachel Berry. So to help them I got the best guy in the Entertainment industry a hundred dollars could get to either get a spinoff or a new series for Lea Michele. Say hello to Doctor Plotsz! Doctor! Introduce yourself to my audience.

Dr. Plotsz: Guten tag!

TLOTA: So doc, what have you got for me so far?

Dr. Plotsz: Well Herr Faraci, I’ve got some doozies of plots! Einen Plot I have is for a spinoff in vhich ze Character Rachel to find her way to Hollywood and vork for einen private envestigator who is a Nosferatu!

TLOTA: You just described “Angel” and at least half of the Private Investigator who happens to be a vampire series you schisse head.

Dr. Plotsz: Okay, Vell, Another plot I have is wunderbar, Rachel tries to make einen comeback on Broadway but in ze meanwhile she vorks at a restaurant in vhich she befriends einen fraulein who wants to start einen bakery!

TLOTA: That’s “2 Broke Girls” you cuckoo kraut!

Dr. Plotsz: All right then, enough here’s einen original one. Lea plays multiple roles un vhich she is twins and after her sister is executed… sorry I mean she passes avay, Ze Fraulein takes over taking care of ze family while ze Vater is einen uber-failure at his job as einen Private envestigator und it is up to those surrounded by ze Private envestigator who is not einen Nosferatu! (James looks at Dr. Plotsz as if he had done a do it yourself lobotomy)



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