(Opening credits of “Tales From The Crypt” play as it reaches the casket of the Crypt keeper and the lid pops open to reveal James Faraci The Last Of The Americans kicking back in the casket)

TLOTA: What, did you expect the Crypt keeper? (Then Opening credits resume as Slime covers the whole scene and the Crypt keeper says “The Last Of The Americans” then cuts to James at his office.)

TLOTA: I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views…Actually the Tips I’m about to give come from a WHOLE lot of personal experience. Now brace yourself for a long, long time up until 2001 I trick or treated and I was born in 1982, think about that. I went as E.T., Sylvester the Cat from “Looney Tunes”, A pumpkin, A Ghostbuster, A hunter, An agent for the FBI, A Football Coach, The Riddler, the list is endless. So to say I have experience is an understatement and with that I want to give you guys some tips on how to have a Happy & Safe Halloween and have fun along the way. (Show a whole lot of images involved with Halloween and the “Silver Shamrock” jingle from “Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch” play then cuts to James in the middle of his living room.)

How can you have a Safe and Happy Halloween? Find out here

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