Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to finally review the film I have been wanting to review for a very long time, and that is 53rd Walt Disney Animated Film Frozen, which was released in 2013. This film at the time was a Disney Juggernaut. It was not only critically successful, but it was a breakthrough at the box office, making $1.2 billion worldwide during its release. It was the highest grossing film of 2013, the highest grossing animated film until The Lion King(2019), and eventually its sequel. More importantly: it was the highest grossing Disney film of all time, making it finally beat The Lion King whi ch was the highest grossing film for nearly 2 decades. When I saw this movie I thought it was really good. I enjoyed the characters, story, and the songs. Now after seeing it again, it’s not as good as I thought it was.
The story is about two sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna having the time of their life at the kingdom while Elsa has trouble controlling her powers. It’s up for Elsa to stop her before it’s too late. This story is very underwhelming. There are a lot of issues i have with the story. However there are also some good things about the story. The beginning of the film is fantastic where it not only establishes the setting and the characters well, but it leads to some great potential for the kind of story they are trying to tell. An example of this are the scenes such as the falling out moment where Elsa shows her powers at a party, and then her showing more of her powers letting go of her emotions in one of the songs. The climax is also very strong. Unfortunately that is where the good stuff ends. The problem with the story is that the middle part of the film is a letdown as it becomes more of a buddy movie. Not to mention that there are also some tonal issues and plot holes. As much as I love the beginning scene, the major problem with it is that it doesn’t explain where Elsa gets her powers, making this a very huge plot hole. The ending is just a standard happy ending. While the story starts out strong, and it has a beautiful climax, the middle half wanes the story a lot. I give the story 5 stars.
Despite the flaws with the story, the animation is where it’s at. This movie looks very beautiful. I love the way the kingdom is designed. I loved the snow effects. I even love the designs of the characters. The songs also do a good job showing the powerful visuals in the film. This is Disney’s finest 3D animation I have seen. I give the animation 10 stars.
The characters are not memorable. In fact, I find them disappointing after the second watch. Princess Anna’s naivete and curiosity does show her cute and charming characteristics. My issue is that she becomes annoying as the film progresses. Shes more of a ripoff of Rapunzel who is way better. The praise I can give Elsa is that she is the first Queen Disney has ever had in their Princess lineup. But even that doesn’t save her from being bland and typical. Their sister relationship that a lot of people love isnt good. It was rushed. I even hate it that people call it the first movie to do that, while Lilo and Stitch was the first one that did that, and they did it much better and stronger. Kristoff is a typical prince. Hans is an obvious Disney twist villain. Seriously, what is the point of these villains if they’re gonna be evil in the third act?! The trolls are the worst characters in the movie because they are loud and obnoxious. They even interrupted some important aspects of the story similar to how the Gargoyles interrupted the story inThe Hunchback of Notre Dame. The only character I do like is surprisingly Olaf. When I first saw him in the movie, I thought I was going to hate this character. But after seeing him in the film, he was  funny and a likeable comic relief. He even does show a serious side in the story, which I like. The characters do have interesting qualities, but they are not good. I give the characters four stars.
The songs are fantastic. The songs are made by the Kirsten and Robert Lopez who wrote the songs for the 2011 Winnie the Pooh film. The song “Frozen Heart” is a catchy opening song.
.”Do you wanna build a Snowman?” is a cute and excellent song. My favorite song is “For the first time in forever ” where it captures a beautiful Broadway feel. The duets of Elsa and Anna also builds up the song. “Let it go” may be very overrated, but I still love that song. “Love is an open door” is also good. “In summer” is forgettable and pointless. “Fixer Upper ” is the worst Disney song I heard of. It also causes tonal problems with the story. The songs are beautiful despite a few sour notes. I give the songs nine stars.
As much as a phenomenon Frozen is, I dont think it’s a good film. While it has beautiful animation and well-written songs, it does suffer from a messy story and bland characters. It is a disappointment to me as it was disneys biggest film since the original Lion King. I give Frozen a 6 out of 10

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