(Scene starts in a room of a castle filled with knights played by many of the male actors from “GLEE” when one of the knights who look like Chris Colfer runs in.)

Knight 1: My fellow knights, the Armory has been raided someone has taken the King’s sword and the Gem of Eternal power!

(The knights rush to the Armory when the Stable Clerk who looks like Naya Rivera gets the Knights attention.)

Stable Clerk: My lords, the king’s horse has been taken from the Stable. (The knights rush to the stable where they find an empty stall, the lead knight who looks like Matthew Morrison turns to address his fellow knights.)

Lead Knight: The tracks look fresh, all knights take ride and find this person alive. I shall inform Lord Tharagan. (The knights salute and mount up to find the person while the lead knight walks out of the stable and walks to the Castle and as he does he says aloud “What fool takes our king’s sword, gem and Horse?” as Camera Zooms out to reveal Caliverti as musical cues from the opening of “The Name Of The Doctor” plays including the regal theme of Gallifrey as a title card reads “Caliverti, Before the revolution” as scene cuts to a zooming horse running then scene cuts to the woods where Treayco Malocote preparing for a night which will never happen as a horse neighs as it stops and Treayco turns to see the Kings horse and the rider is revealed to be a maiden for Tharagan’s pleasure who looks like Lea Michele.)

Treayco Malocote: I know of you, you are a maiden of Tharagan, why are you here?

Tharagan’s Maiden: I’m sorry Treayco but I’m afraid you must do something against our new Lord and Master. (Scene changes to Lea Michele’s eyes opening to reflect flames.)

Lea Michele (Voice over): I don’t know where I am! (Scene changes to see Lea Michele falling into a tunnel of fire & wind) I feel like I’m shattering into a million pieces, living a million different lives but one thought remains! (Scene changes to Linkara’s old house as Lea looks on as Mechakara turns Linkara into ground hamburger from a rail top)I have to help those who review on the Internet. (Lea grabs a phone shouting for 90’s kid, Ninja Style Dancer & Harvey Finevoice to help Linkara defeat Mechakara from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” episode of “Atop The Fourth Wall”. Then show clip a woman fully disguised in black behind the Irate Gamer fiddling around with a rifle trying to talk to James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans and putting a bullet through The Irate Gamer and unmasking herself to be Lea Michele) Especially the first man who fell for me because who I am inside, James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans. But no matter how they differentiate they all in some way influence one another. (Show clip of Nostalgia Critic “Scooby Doo” episode in which Lea’s hands throw lightning into The Nostalgia Critic’s head and he comes to the conclusion.) I feel like I’m running every second just to help all of them. (Show clip of the Angry Video Game Nerd apparently dead as Lea Michele places her hand over the right side of his face and whispers “These games are more than just your burden, they are what you can show what people must avoid. Return and embrace the games, not just play them.) All that time, just to help them! (Scene cuts to Cinema Snob running and Lea shouts “CINEMA SNOB!” then proceeds to run to the Cinema Snob just to Jump to James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans as he opens up a can of whoop ass on those from Channel Awesome during the “Kickassia” invasion as it appears Film Brain comes charging up to James when Lea clocks him with a Cricket Bat knocking him unconscious.) James I think rarely sees what I do. (Scene cuts to James drowning while Emmalina in Mermaid form looks around when Lea as a mermaid points Emmalina to James’ direction then Scene cuts to James and “Karen” from TMZ.) But sometimes I think James does see. (Scene cuts back to Lea falling through the tunnel of flame and wind) My life began on a leaf! (Scene cuts to Lea Michele’s parents who are expecting their daughter when a leaf blows off a tree and onto Lea Michele’s mom initiating the labor process then cuts to Lea’s father as he holds their daughter for the first time.) I’m still riding the breeze that sent the leaf on its way and I don’t think it’ll ever stop. (Scene cuts to Lea Michele falling through the tunnel of flame & wind.) The world knows me as Lea Michele. But I am The Impossible and I’m going to save those who review on the internet, especially….

How does my first anniversary end? Find out here.

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