Manic Expression’s weekly podcast The Manic Expression Digression Session is back after being dormant for over 4 years! New host, new structure, new topics, new segments, but the same old spirit. Sit back and relax as we talk, laugh, and rant about movies, TV shows, video games, and more.

In this inaugural episode of Manic Expression Digression Session, Patricia, Jim, and Jash discuss about the Animaniacs reboot, if movie theaters are relevant, the Super Mario Bros. 3D Pack for the Nintendo Switch, if media relies too much on nostalgia, if Disney should stop making live action remakes, and more.


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6 thoughts on “Manic Expression Digression Session Episode 1:

  1. Welp, you ruined it. It’s dead now forever.

    Nah, but really this was delightful to listen to. Maybe not quite as funny as it was before but I kind of dig that you gave it structure and a level of professionalism that was lacking in the old show. I’d say keep it up.

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