This has been… a difficult year, to say the least. Political strife, social unrest, and a deadly pandemic, among other issues, have many of us dealing with frayed nerves and short fuses. It’s no surprise that we need more optimistic, uplifting experiences to provide even a temporary escape from the stresses of the world. So I thought that this October, we could all try to add some positivity into each other’s lives with a fun creative writing exercise. With that I present Manic Expression’s 2020 Writing Challenge – “Halloween Heroism”


Avengers Dress Up as The Justice League for Halloween


The basis for the challenge is simple. You just need to write a short story about a superhero (one or more) involved in an adventure that takes place on October 31st. You don’t need to restrict yourself to Marvel or DC characters either. Branch out and look for heroes from video games, manga, or more obscure properties. And if you want to have a crossover between characters from different sources of media, go right ahead. The main rule here is to have fun and to write some thrilling tales. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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  1. 1995 origina plot of the  film Godzilla versus destroyer was originally proposed as Godzilla versus Ghost Godzilla and Godzilla gmk Godzilla and that film was a ghost-like being destroying Tokyo  it was made up of the deads of  the Pacific conflict aka wwii I’m working on it idea you mix the two pots together glass Ghostbusters in top of that I think that would be cool

  2. It was inspired last year when I spoke with my friend Kim about a hypothetical Batman/Spider-Man team up against Joker and the Green Goblin. And since this discussion took place in October, it seemed fitting to make the adventure take place on Halloween. I’d love to see what you have in store.

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