Hey everyone, Patricia here! Hope you guys are doing well. I would like to announce the return of a weekly podcast series that we here at Manic Expression did during its early years: the Manic Expression Digression Session. From 2012 to 2016, members of Manic Expression would gather together and discuss about many topics ranging from movies, TV shows, video games, hobbies, and other miscellaneous things. A very heavy emphasis on the miscellaneous topics. We would go on long, tangent discussions on nothing and we would make funny comments on this. When we did the first episode of MEDS, there was a major glitch that ended up with one of our first running jokes: blaming the Paradox whenever Skype messed with our audio. This running joke would be the inspiration for our second Manic Expression film A Site in Scarlet.

Eventually, due to most people’s busy schedules, the podcast was no more and the host of MEDS, Mark “BigBlackHatMan” Nicholson and his co-host Michael “TheOtherDude92” Buckingham did their own separate podcast called The DudeMan Show before the show ended in 2016 due to their busy schedules and were no longer posting content on Manic Expression. In Manic Expression’s later years, original content for the site had became almost non-existent. Our YouTube channel fell through due to the content creators focusing on their own channels, new podcast plays came around once every couple of years, and almost no one responded to our posted blogs and YouTube videos on the site. Manic Expression became complacent and was there when we needed it…until a few weeks ago when the site vanished overnight. Thanks to the efforts of James and Fusionater, Manic Expression is still alive. However, we lost years worth of content. But the spirit of the site was still there. Which is why James and I talked about returning back to producing our own original content for the site to bring back the community.

So, beginning this Sunday at 6:00 PM EST, I will be taking over as host of the Manic Expression Digression Session and talking about various topics going on in media as oppose to one topic and then going all over the place. As much as breaking out of topic was fun, it did tend to drag out the show and I believe that a tightly constructed show will be for the best. For those interested, post in the comments and PM me so that I’ll send you the Zoom link for you to join us. I’m hoping this will be the start of a new journey of being once again the greatest community on the web. Take care, everyone!


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  1. Hmm. Do I want to humiliate myself on a weekly basis again and then have it recorded for an audience so they cringe and revel in my failed attempts at humor and just talking in general? Well maybe but probably not this week but still good to hear you’re bringing it back Patty.

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