(James walks away from the conversation and out the front door to see Nash from Radio Dead Air looking bizarre.)

TLOTA: Nash? What are you doing here?

Nash: Let me have it, I want it, you’ve got it, let me have it god damn it!

TLOTA: Nash, You’re creeping me out dude!

Nash: GIVE IT TO ME! (Repeated 5Xs before James punches his lights out.)

(Cut to James in the Shower humming to himself when from out of the shadows Linkara pops up to scare the bejesus out of James screaming where is it multiple times before James knocks him out too and drags him over to Nash.)

TLOTA: Man things go from weird to crazy in Nano seconds around here who or what’s gonna happen next? (Matthew “Film Brain” Buck comes out of nowhere babbling incoherently and James swiftly knocks him out. )

What does Nash from RDA, Linkara and Film Brain have in store for me? Find out here



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