(Opens with James stepping out of his room doing the dance Justin Hammer did in Iron Man 2 to “Pick Up The Pieces” by Average White Band as an interdimentional portal opens up and something hits James on the head.)

TLOTA: OW! What hit me? (Picks up object that hit James on the head.) Hmmm What’s the…? “Son Of The Mask”?  Why do I have this foreboding feeling of fear as I hold this? Better let ORAC check it out. ORAC scan this for any information I need before I watch this. (ORAC Hums and beeps)

ORAC: According to information mainstream reviewers have negatively reviewed this. Recent Online reviews have backed this claim up.

TLOTA: Who of my internet brethren reviewed this?

ORAC: Mike J, The Nostalgia Critic and The Blockbuster Buster. I suggest precautions of getting bottles of Liquid I.Q. on stand by.

TLOTA: A Good idea ORAC. This one might hurt. (James closes door then a loud bloodcurdling scream is heard!)

This cannot be good! What horrors will James see? Find out here

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