If you didn’t know, the previous site got deleted. I won’t go into what happened or my numerous issues with Bluehost and their lying helpful support staff. There is some fault on the part of myself and the admin crew, we should have been more diligent in making sure a viable backup was on each of our computers, one that is newer than my 2015 copy anyway, but what’s important is what happens next.

First off, all the posts that I can save should go live sometime this week, maybe sooner, maybe later, if fortune favors us the posts will also have the comments.

If you are trying to login to the site, you’ll probably have to reset your password. Media uploads are going to be disabled for the time being, so any images in posts you may put up will have to be through a 3rd party such as imgur (which we may end up using as our main image host in the near future to speed up the website).

We are in talks about what the future of the website should look like, what we want to do, this may mean change on the horizon to coincide with the catastrophe at hand. Test edit

If you are having any issues you can message me on Twitter @Fusionater, and I’ll try and get them resolved. Suggestions will also be accepted there, or here.

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14 thoughts on “The Short Version

  1. If its any consolation – the old site was laggy and behind in its format for years before the crash – not only does this site look sharper – it loads much faster as well. Sometimes we all need that kick in the ass to finally move forward. Just look at it as a thing that happened – not a bad thing that happened – just a thing that happened – that was necessary to move Manic-Expression forward.

  2. Further thoughts:
    I can see why you might want to limit hosting images. While there are some images we use over and over again (logos for the site or individual columns, memes that might be running jokes in our blogs such as ‘And knowing is half the battle’, ‘The More You Know’, ‘Big Lipped Alligator Moment’, etcetera), sometimes there are images that we’ll only use once (such as pics related to a movie or something we’re not likely to talk about again).

    I generally have been very sparing with images on Manic Expression, only uploading stuff I’ll use more than once. If they’re tied to a specific review of a specific show, I’d only upload them if I thought I’d revisit that show/movie/comic in a later blog (such as revisiting the animated Titanic movies in my ‘list article’ followup to my previous Titanic Turkeys posts). But yes, the image section on the most recent version of the site prior to this WAS getting pretty crowded — I was finding it very hard to find the images I’d uploaded before in that crowd (though thankfully most had already been used in my blogs so I could easily find them that way).

  3. Well, I managed to get 3/4ths of my blog posts via Google cache. Only a few of them are from later than 2015/2017.
    I might want to wait to see what blogs you already have in the backups before reposting them, though. Is that the best course of action?

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